Friday Five!

YOU GUYS! It’s February!!!! How did that happen? Happy February!

I had one of those weeks where every day seemed super long, but by the time it got to Thursday, it felt like the week had flown by. Do you ever have those weeks?

I’m pretty excited for the weekend ahead, which includes: ice skating, a drag karaoke dinner party, seeing a friend from out of town, and a Super Bowl party! (Yeah, I actually do get kind of into the Super Bowl. Mostly because I love watching the commercials—I’ve gotta have something to fuel the fire of my feminist rage, and racist/sexist/heteronormative commercials always do the trick! Also: BEYONCE!).

Anyway, as usual, the internet was good to us this week:

1. Super Salad & Detox 101

I love this post from The Alkaline Sisters. Not only do they give a recipe for this gorgeous salad, but also take the time to explain basic information about living a detox-lifestyle. Great information, great food!


2. Florida v. Mexico: Tomato Trade Wars

This story from NPR discusses the state of tomato trade. Florida and Mexico are the biggest producers of tomatoes, and Florida grower’s got a trade agreement passed that required Mexican farmer’s to sell the tomatoes at a price that wouldn’t threaten the Florida farmer’s. But apparently, despite that agreement, Florida is losing sales and Mexico is gaining. There’s a lot of interesting analysis in here, but a good take-away comment: “If your choice is a tomato that doesn’t really taste like a tomato [grown with ethylene as they do in Florida] or a tomato that tastes like a tomato [grown on a vine as they do in Mexico], you want the tomato that tastes like a tomato.”

3. Warming “Good Root” Winter Juice

I love the sounds of this parsnip juice, featured on Healthy Blender. What a great way to make juicing so winter-appropriate. (And so much healing-power from the turmeric and ginger!)


4. Criminalized Cats

Have you been seeing all these articles about how cats are destroying wildlife and practically killing off bird species and stuff? I actually first heard about this thing when I read Jonathan Franzon’s book Freedom—there’s a character in the book that is very concerned about this. I grew up with indoor/outdoor cats, and they did often bring us “gifts” on our doorstep. Since I started living in the city, all my cats have been indoor.

Sometimes I feel bad about having a totally indoor cat, but I guess this makes me feel better about it. What are your thoughts on this?

5. Muppet “Annie Hall”

Okay, okay. So if you’re a regular reader you know that #5 of the Friday Five is usually a bit random. This may be the randomest yet, but hear me out: February is Valentine’s Day month. Annie Hall is one of the greatest romances of all time. Muppets are animals (well, animal puppets), and this is a vegan food blog that likes animals. Thus, this makes perfect sense:


So great, right?!

(Thanks to my friend Meagan for posting this on her FB.)

Do you watch the Super Bowl? Any thoughts on vegetable trade? Have you juiced root veggies before? Do you have outdoor cats and do you think they should be locked up? Do you love Annie Hall and/or the Muppets and/or Muppet Annie Hall (and/or all of the above)?

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. nikki says:

    Thanks for the link to the Alkaline Sisters. I didn’t know about their blog and it seems pretty great! Also, I think they have some of the most beautiful photos of salads I’ve ever seen.

    The juice looks really delicious. The only root veg I’ve juiced is the carrot. But I love the turmeric and ginger in this one.

    I have 3 indoor cats (Pixi, Poopers, & Kupo). We’ve always lived in the heart of the city, so outdoors wasn’t an option. Growing up (in the country) we always had outdoor cats, and yes, they brought us the “presents”. I think choosing between indoor/outdoor just depends on what kind of environment one is surrounded by. I have really super happy indoor cats.

    February is one of my favorite months because I love hearts and I get to see them everywhere!

  2. Lou says:

    I LOVE cats, but Viper won’t let me get one due to the fact they kill native species here in Aussie (birds, lizards etc) He says the only way I can have one is to get it de-clawed which I don’t agree with either – so no kitty for Lou! My dog would probably eat it anyway ;)

    I’ve been loving parsnip “rice” at the moment, but never thought of juicing one – must try :)

    Happy weekend, lovely lady!

  3. FoodFeud says:

    Aw, I have only ever had an indoor cat… my mom’s cats run around outside and sometimes kill birds. It’s sad, but I don’t really feel morally bad about it. maybe I should.
    The juice sounds pretty delicious! I have seriously been slacking on my parsnip intake this winter.
    And that muppet Annie Hall is hilarious!! Kermit is so perfect. It’s a great movie. Happy weekend!

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I have no idea how it’s February either. Crazy!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend – the super bowl is a bit of a foreign mystery to me but I am guessing it’s on the same level as our Australian Rules Football season, which is big :) Ice skating sounds fun too!

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