Friday Five!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! First, thank you for all the love on Wednesday’s post. I am so hesitant to write things like that, but I remember how much it helps me to read other people’s stories, so I’m glad to hear it was inspiring for some of you. <3

I’ve been having a really lovely past few days. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a wonderful day. I was basically doing yoga for the whole day: taught yoga at the jail in the morning, went to teach at the studio I work at, then took a yoga class there too. I can’t think of many other things I would have rather been doing. : ) After all the yoga-ing, Mike took me out to dinner at Ecopolitan, a raw vegan restaurant here in Minneapolis. I’m going to do a post about that next week, so stay tuned (spoiler alert: we ate very well!).

And the celebrating is continuing! We’re having a couple friends over tonight to share some birthday treats, and on Saturday I’m going to a monthly queer dance party with some of my favorite people. Then, my mom’s coming to visit for a very-belated celebration at the end of February (we plan her visits around the Oscars. #we’reobsessedwithawardshows #donthate)!

Hope you’re having a good week too. And if you’re not, maybe some razmataz from the interwebs will lift that chin.

1. Raw Hummus Pizza

I love the sound of this raw dinner pizza from Raw on $10 a day. I’m a zucchini hummus convert, and seeing it spread on the crunchy flax crust, with tons of fresh veggies? So sold.

lunch raw vegan recipe hummus pizza 3

2. PB Contamination

Did you know yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day? Did you also know that PB is not exactly the safest food on the shelf? And that there have been tons of reported cases of salmonella, and that, thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act, the FDA was able to step in, but that in general, we should be aware that corporations have a lot more power to protect profit than the government has to protect people? Click here for a helpful infogram and video. And make sure that if you’re going to buy PB, that it’s organic!

3. Nut-Free Chocolate and Vanilla Raw Layer Cake

If anyone would like to make Love Raw’s amazing nut-free cake for me for a belated bday gift, I guess I’ll accept it. (beautiful, right?!)

Nut-free-cake-24. Rejecting ED Pathologization

The author of this controversial article argues that identifying with the label “eating disordered” is not helpful, and wants people to stop treating “abnormal” relationships with food as a disease. Thoughts?


After I saw this picture, I asked the babycat how she would feel about a pig brother. She didn’t look enthused, but I think the idea will grown on her.



Do you extend your birthday celebrating for more than a day? Have you tried veggie-based hummus? Are you careful about the PB you buy? Are you so excited to make me that cake? Do you totally want a pet piggy now too?

Have a great weekend! xoxo

13 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. monika says:

    i’m outraged by the fact that someone would think that identifying with the label “eating disordered” is not helpful, and wants people to stop treating “abnormal” relationships with food as a disease…

    it is ONLY WHEN i DID start to identify myself with the label “anorexia”, that i was able to ALSO say, “it’s time to get better”.
    furthermore, anorexia is the result of deeper issues for the most part and cannot be separated from them…so they must be acknowledged and treated together…(i.e. as a result of generalized anxiety disorder, some people develop anorexia…(others develop alcoholism – it’s a coping mechanism as well – and we wouldn’t tell an alcoholic that his alcoholism is not important – that we must only treat his anxiety – NO. we must treat everything. and identify everything. DOWNPLAYING someone’s problems is very detrimental, because it keeps the people with the problem believing that they don’t have a problem.)

    i’m not saying that saying, “i’m anorexic” to myself over and over again is helpful. nor am i saying that i will identify with this label for the rest of my life. i’ve been in recovery before – and when you’re in recovery, it’s different. you are aware of the fact that you have ED tendencies, but they are NOT at the forefront. ALSO – everyone is different. some people will go through recovery and never speak about it again – will never identify with that label; however, there are those who will always identify with it, because it was such a big part of their lives. HOWEVER, it won’t be the FUEL that drives us anymore, it can, however (for many/some) still be sitting on the back seat…(meaning: we know we had it, we know it was part of our lives, we know we have to be careful, and we know to be compassionate to those going through the same struggle…BUT we also know we are not STUCK in the ED)

    i should also add, that i don’t think it’s helpful for people to DWELL on the label. acknowledging it and identifying with it is different, thought…it is important if one is to get better. like, how can you cure something you don’t have?!??!?! if you don’t identify with cancer – why would you cure it? it’s not a part of you!?! it’s the same thing with anorexia, bulimia, etc.

    sorry for the rant. sorry if my thoughts are jumbled. but i’m not sorry for my outrage.

    i guess we can’t blame people for thinking this way, though. afterall, 90% of people don’t TRULY understand eating disorders…
    “so, you’re really into image then, right?” “why don’t you just eat a burger?!?!?” Grrrrrrrr.

    MUCH love to all those struggling with disordered eating. May you find the strength to acknowledge and identify with your eating disorder, so that you may be able to get better. BUT don’t let it define your life. Let happiness, health, and love prevail…

    • raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen says:

      Thank you, Monika, for taking the time to respond to this! I think the author does kind of make it black and white…Like if you identify with it, then you can’t recover as she suggests. But you make a good point–there’s a difference between dwelling and acknowledging. For me, it’s helpful to recognize my ED tendencies so I can steer clear from the things that inspire them. That said, I have issues with people telling me what is and isn’t “normal.” It’s obviously very challenging, and I appreciate you engaging with the topic. Lots of love!

  2. Kibby@Kibby's Blended Life says:

    Ah, YES on all the above questions. Happy Birthday, BTW! Sounds like an ideal day that I would like to spend my birthday too. I adore veggie based hummus myself – can’t handle chickpeas but zucchini makes it all possible to enjoy it and I like the taste/texture even better. I don’t use PB because of the allergens and health issues of it. I use raw almond butter – and again, prefer it any day over PB. That piggy is FREAKING adorable!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! <3

  3. FoodFeud says:

    Happy Birthday! I don’t really celebrate mine and, if anything, I try to get it over with in one night, ha! I’m just a curmudgeon. Looking forward to seeing what you ate at b-day dinner, though. When I was eating high raw last year I got really into zucchini hummus; it’s incredible stuff! The pizza does look bomb.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. nikki says:

    Happy birthday! I usually get birthday weekends and sometimes even birthday weeks. One day is not enough to celebrate a year of life :)

    That cake looks so delicious. As for veg based hummus, I’ve done the zucchini but there’s a beet version I’ve seen floating around on the internets that looks really pretty. Oh, and I’ve had pumpkin hummus that was excellent.

  5. chantelle says:

    I’m not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive to read the article after the opening paragraph in which she described her e.d. experience and treatment. Most of us go years and fight for treatment without getting it because we don’t meet the highly specific “usual diagnostic criteria” even though we’re just as sick and our parents can’t afford the bourgie treatment centers so it gets worse and worse. In Canada it’s rare to get treatment for cocurrent disorders (drugs and e.d. at the same place) so tens of thousands of dollars to go to the states is necessary too.
    Basically you identify however you choose to identify. If you feel that you’ve beat a disorder and can eat whatever you want then you can say you’re recovered and leave it in the past. If you want to pull a Demi Lovato and go through a short bought of trouble and treatment then beat the dead horse for years you can do that too. Or for some people like Emma Woolfe who have a clinical e.d. for some 10 years before considering themselves recovered, when your body and brain are that starved and mentally ill you truly are consumed by your illness so it takes an even longer time to pull yourself back up and build an identity outside the disorder. Every person’s illness is different, every person’s ability to cope, manage and ultimately overcome is going to be different. I guess it’s like, how in my city (vancouver) it rains all the time and people always say “true vancouverites don’t use umbrellas” but I do because I wear glasses and I don’t like when big globs of water from trees the eaves of all the stores and hit my head or down my neck or, especially, behind my glasses and into my eye, so everyone else can judge me but I’ll be fine and dry… from the waist up.
    Or just to quote one person’s comment: “For some people, depression, eating disorders, etc. are ongoing, potentially life-long issues, but not for everyone. And I think it’s important to recognize when the label itself is getting in the way of recovery.”
    Sorry for the really long rant *blushblushblush* I feel all warm and fuzzy inside instead thinking about eating that cake while snuggling the piggy :)

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