Hearty Fruit Cereal with Banana Milk (lfrv)


I love smoothies and juices as much as the next health-centric vegan gal, but once in a while, my mouth is all, “I’m bored.” Okay, okay, mouth, I hear you. Sometimes you just need a little crunch and a lot of chew. This breakfast was my attempt to provide a little textural variety to my morning meal.

Since I’m still sticking to a mostly low-fat raw vegan diet (upcoming post coming soon on why I’m not doing it 100% anymore), I decided to make this all fruit, no overt fat. Those guidelines made it pretty simple: just throw together the fruit I had in my fridge, then make some “banana milk” by blending a banana with a bit of water, and, because I had this after a pretty intense weight-lifting circuit class, I added some protein powder too.

After blending the banana milk, I chopped up an apple and a banana. I then threw in a little over half a pint of blueberries.


Then I added some dried superfood berries (goji and goldenberry), which really made this bowl pop! And, as I do with most things, I added a bunch of cinnamon to top it off.


Hearty Fruit Cereal

1-2 apples, chopped to bite-size pieces

1-2 bananas

1/2-1 pt of blueberries

dried superfood berries


Chop it all up and put in a bowl! Add cinnamon to top.

Banana Milk

1 banana

water (as much as you need for your desired consistency)

protein powder (optional)

Blend it up! Pour over your “cereal.”


I absolutely loved this bowl. The crunch of the dried berries gives you the semblance of crunchy cereal flakes, so it really felt like I was sitting down to a bowl of my childhood go-to breakfast. Except this version doesn’t leave you crashing from refined sugar and bad food combining!

Pure, delicious, and so easy.

I’m submitting this recipe to Healthy Vegan Friday and Wellness Weekend and Raw Food Thursday!

Do you eat cereal? What was your favorite cereal growing up?

18 thoughts on “Hearty Fruit Cereal with Banana Milk (lfrv)

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Yes, yes! I love this! The banana milk idea is fantastic too. I was watching my friend eat a bowl of cereal with berries and banana this morning and kind of wishing I could partake but I’d so much rather this bowl! All the crunch plus so much more! And it doesn’t look like it’s all that much more work in the mornings. Nice job!

  2. Hannah M says:

    nice! i thought i was the only person to make ‘milk’ out of blending banana water and protein powder! My protein powder is a choc flavour blend of vegan powders, when i pour it over oats it makes an amazing bowl of porridge/oatmeal :-)

  3. Peaches and Greens says:

    Not sure how I stumbled on your blog but the thought of vegan ‘banana milk’ will certainly have me coming back for more! Thanks for sharing! And love the superfood ‘cereal’ too!

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