Friday Five!

Late January. That time of the year when winter is on our either side, and we can’t remember the beginning, and can’t quite make out the end. In Minnesota, it’s the period when you realize you’ve successfully navigated how to avoid the permanent patches of sidewalk-ice on your route to work, and when every morning’s sunrise reflects the glow of ubiquitous snow. For some, it’s the dreaded mid/late-winter slump. When it’s too cold to think, and definitely too cold to be outdoors. For me, I rather like it. There is a coziness in the blankets of snow, and a camaraderie in the communal winter struggle….

And what better way to spend a winter day than collecting random internet things to share on a blog? Happy Friday Five!

1. Winter Warrior Cocoa Elixir

Mmm, this recipe from The Sexy Vegan sounds rich, delicious, and full of awesome nutrient-powerhouse ingredients! I just discovered her blog this week, and I’m so glad I did—so many great recipes!


2. Sigh.

There are a million examples of the healthy living world lacking total awareness about how their decisions impact disenfranchised populations, but this week, the FB bombarded me with three articles in a row that were really frustrating. First, there was the story that the Yoga Journal conference crossed the picket-line at the boycotted Hyatt hotel. Then the article that explained how things were getting worse for the South American farmer’s that produce quinoa for the US. Then the reminder that the CEO of Whole Foods is a d-bag and I hate that I give him so much money.

Join me in some rage?

3. Pumpkin Seed Parmesan on Zucchini Noodles

I’m obsessed with this website. Ndoema is absolutely beautiful, and brilliantly captures her globe-trotting, health-centric, raw-vegan, fashion-loving lifestyle. There’s a lot of zucchini noodle recipes out there, but I think her recipe for pumpkin seed parmesan sounds unique and delicious!


4. On Organic Food, Urban Gardening, and Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

Check out this great interview on NPR that addresses questions surrounding local, organic, and vegan food. The guest, Barb Willard, is a lovely and brilliant woman (who happened to be my master’s thesis co-advisor!), and has a lot to say about food and the environment. Check it out!

5. Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

Okay, these aren’t *essential*, but they’re very helpful. Having spent the past two weeks eating almost entirely raw food, I’ve gotten very familiar with a lot of the stuff Megan mentions in this video. It’s been a lot of fun to explore the world of raw food and raw food preparation! This is a good video if you’re interested in incorporating more raw foods in your diet.

Do you like the depths of winter? Have you discovered any new blogs lately? Were you equally dismayed by any of those articles I mentioned? Do you have/love any of the kitchen tools Megan mentions in the video?

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    We are half way through watching Food Inc, which I am sure aired in America long ago, and it makes me so frustrated and terrified about the food situation globally. Your points about quinoa and the CEO of Whole Foods just tie right into that!

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