Friday Five!

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but this has been a really intense work-week for me. It was that “the holidays are really over, for real, so seriously get back to work” week, and I did just that. Most of my time was spent prepping for something I’m doing in Philadelphia this weekend (I leave in a few hours!). That’s all I’ll share for now, but it’s possible there’ll be more news on that front in the future.

Anyway, before I head out, I give you….the Friday Five!:

1. Juicy

Juicing and the New Year go together like peas and carrots apples and spinach. Here’s a great green juice recipe from The Healthy Blender, and two yummy juices from Young and Raw:


2. Kenyans Take Up Arms to Protect Wildlife

This is a fascinating read from the New York Times. It details the phenomenon of armed militia in Kenya that are standing up against poachers to protect their wild animals. This is not a result of animal-loving militant vegans, however. Rather, (like most things), this is directly connected to the state of the economy. Safari tourism in Kenya creates tons of jobs and significant wealth for the poorest in the nation, and poaching threatens that industry. Read more here.


3. Vegan Cat Owners and the Problem of Meat

My dear pal and fellow-vegan, Melody, wrote an excellent post about the challenges of being vegan and also feeding our omnivorous pets a healthy diet. She makes some great points about how buying meat (like, real raw meat, not just pretending it’s not real in the bag of cat food, the way I do) is actually more ethical than buying that cheap cat food. Check out her blog Whole Kitty! to read more.


Mel’s cutie-pie kitties: Daniel and X.

4. Brussels Sprout Pomegranate Citrus Salad

This beautiful salad from two peas & their pod looks and sounds absolutely perfect for the winter. Lovely, crisp, fresh, seasonal ingredients that compose an aesthetically-winning meal. (And I bet I could cut some of the oil to make it more lfrv-friendly!).


5. Best Human Ever?

So, this is a letter from a great kid who ended up donating almost $50 to an animal shelter.  Amazing! I want to be bff’s with this little dude because I love cats too!


Did you have a busy back-to-work week? Have you been juicing at all lately? What do you think about that story about Kenya? Are you a vegan with meat-eating pets, and how do you handle that?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is a fantastic post! Thumbs up to the kid for donating! Interesting about the Kenyans standing up for animals! Food looks awesome as always! And keep those juicing posts coming, too! Woot!

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