Holiday Soirée (+lots of recipe links!)

Happy Monday! As promised, today’s post is a food-centric report-back from the holiday party I had on Saturday. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time—lots of friends, lots of laughs, lots of delicious theme-appropriate eats! : )

First, check out this cute DIY decoration I made. Just clementines and satsumas in a glass vase-like thing that I found on sale. Cute right?:


And here’s the spread before my guests added their contributions:


I didn’t get a picture of the table after it was full of my friends’ stuff, but let me assure you, I have some talented friends! We had latkes, banana bread, roasted chestnuts (!), and more.

So what did I make? First, we had some yummy dips, including this beanless zucchini dip. We also had this super fancy raw, vegan cheese, gifted to me by my wonderful pal Melody. Have you heard of this brand, Punk Rawk Labs? It was such a treat to have a fancy “cheese”!


Here’s the cute cheese canister:


And, of course, the cookies:


This tray included almond thumbprints from Oh She Glows, oil-free shortbread from The Healthy Flavor (I skipped the peppermint and did sprinkles instead), peanut butter blossoms adapted from this recipe, and chocolate chip cookies from Fork and Beans. All were vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free!

There was also a plate with a batch of my raw snowball cookies, and the PurelyTwins’ chocolate-dipped peppermint coconut snowflakes.

And here I am, waiting for my guests to arrive with a fancy cranberry cocktail in hand:


I suppose it’s worth saying that times like these, shared with people you care about, feel all the more special after things like the tragedy that struck on Friday. I hope everyone was able to spend quality time with loved ones over the weekend….that you were able to hug a little longer, say the things you don’t say enough, and be present in gratitude….

Did you do any holiday soirée-ing this weekend? What’s your favorite thing to make for a party?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Soirée (+lots of recipe links!)

  1. Jess says:

    Everything looks delicious! Glad it was a lovely night. Also, totally an aside, but am I the only one who can’t help giggling over “nut milk?”

  2. FoodFeud says:

    The satsuma decoration is very cute – the beaded mat underneath the vase is also totally swag. Sounds like a nice time. Fancy nut cheese are so classy and the zucchini dip also sounds really wonderful. Happy, healthy and safe holidays, Raechel.

  3. Lou says:

    Ha, nut milk – giggling at comments above.

    Looks like an awesome party – you look so spunky! Totally agree on your last sentiments RE the tragedy over the weekend – puts things into perspective on how fragile we are for sure.

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