Friday Five!

Holiday soirée season is in full effect. Last night, I went to not one but two holiday work parties (one for Mike’s work, and one for the yoga studio I teach at). And this weekend, I’m hosting a holiday party! As you might suspect, I am wildly excited. Hosting a party means I get to channel all of my holiday cheer energy into manifesting something awesome. Any time I get overwhelmed with my dissertation, I’ve been taking breaks to plan the menu, the playlist, (the outfit ;)). Party planning is so fun!

I’ll be sure to report back with pictures + recipes on Monday. Until then, enjoy the Friday Five!

1. Double Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut Cookies


Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, cane-sugar free. Not free from looking cute and delicious. These would make a perfect addition to a tray of holiday cookies, don’t you think? (Well yeah I really do think (<–points if you know what I’m referencing here!).

2. Oh, Tannenbaum

I admit that I am not practicing what I preach here. I grew up with live trees for Christmas, and as soon as I had an apartment that was spacious enough for a tree again, I continued with the tradition. That said, I know it’s not awesome to cut a tree just to throw it out a month later. The Kind Life provides some great alternatives to both the throw-away live tree and the artificial tree (the biggest environmental no-no).


3. Raw Macro Bowl

Now that I’m doing more research into raw food, I’ve stumbled across some amazing recipes. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to find low-fat raw vegan recipes that don’t use nuts and oils, but the base of this raw macro bowl is fat free, and I bet, with some tweaking, the knock-off dragon sauce dressing could be lower-fat too. Either way, it looks incredible!


4. Worker Justice? There’s an App for That

As someone who is involved with and researches the labor movement, I was particularly excited to see this article about an app for finding restaurants that treat their employees well. Restaurant Opportunities Center United (“ROC United”; an org that I actually worked with in Chicago for a service-learning project in a class I taught!) created an app based on their surveys of workers about their conditions. The app shows which restaurants “pay their workers more than minimum wage, which offer paid sick leave, and which promote at least half of their employees internally.” Get it!

5. Phil Spector Christmas

This entire album is on my party playlist. There are few things more awesome than wall-of-sound girl groups singing my favorite holiday songs. Enjoy the first half of the album below!

Have you attended any holiday parties? Do you like hosting parties? Where do you stand on the Christmas tree debate? Do you love love love that Phil Spector album?!

12 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. The Healthy Flavor says:

    Rachel! Those cookies look so sinful and delicious!! I love that it is gluten free and so healthy. I love baking gluten free for people who have those sensitivities! Those look gorgeous and oh so chocolatey! I’m also loving that macro bowl. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. melody says:

    Because I know nothing about raw nutrition: Why is it unfortunate that raw recipes have oil and nuts? I thought those were the good fats? Surely some fat is needed.

    • raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen says:

      Absolutely those are the good fats! I am planning to do a short cleanse in January that is based on the 80/10/10 diet that encourages only 10% of your intake to come from fat, and all the rest from fruit. Some people do this as a lifestyle, but I don’t have any intention of doing so. As a cleanse, this is a way to clean out the system and allow vitamins from fruits and veggies to get through your body in the most effective way. Fats block a lot of that. And I’ve come to rely on them a bit too much. I get a little almond butter crazy, and sometimes oil crazy. So I thought it’d be good to just give my system a break from as much of that.

      Plus, a lot of raw foods are filled with way too much healthy fats. All those (often delicious) dishes that are nut-based have waaay more nuts than we should probably consume in a sitting!

  3. Laura S says:

    LOL: so when the writer for the raw macro bowl talks about that dragon sauce, she bases it off a sauce at one of my favourite restaurants, actually! WHOOO I’m SO excited about finding a recipe from it, and finding a food writer from my town! I’m always on the hunt for more recipes from Aux Vivres because their food is SO DAMN GOOD. OH MY. (You need to drive/train/fly over and try their vegan chipotle chocolate brownies. The ones I’ve made are neverrrrrrr as good. Ever. These are heavenly.)
    Those cookies look HEAVENLY, I can’t wait to try them! (I feel like I say that about sooo many of your recipes, damn exams… *sigh*)

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