Snow Day + Healthier Snowball Cookies


I am happy to report that it is finally a winter wonderland in Minnesota! We accumulated 10 inches yesterday! A lot of people complain about the brutal winters up here, but I would take this over a snow-less holiday season any day. True, getting from Point A to Point B can be difficult and dangerous in this weather, but after I taught a yoga class in the morning, I was lucky enough to be done with vehicle traveling. The rest of the day turned out to be a real snow day. I couldn’t shake the grin on my face as I watched it float down in thick, soft flakes.


I spent the day getting some work done at a nearby coffee shop, sipping cinnamon tea, and feeling the kind of calm you feel when your city gets quiet and humbled below a blanket of white…

But I also made sure to save time for fun stuff….like cookie baking! And a little un-baking too. In addition to some more traditional cookies (well, as traditional as you can get and still be vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free!), I decided to try my hand at a raw, vegan version of the Mexican wedding cookie, otherwise known as a Russian tea cake, otherwise known as a “snowball cookie.” Creating these cookies obviously passed my most important test: theme-appropriate.


Snowball Cookies (vegan, raw, gluten-free)

1/2 c coconut butter

1/2 c pecans

3/4 c cashews

3 T coconut flour

2 T agave (or sweetener of choice; I’d love if someone tried this with stevia and reported back with results!)

shredded coconut for coating

Blend everything together in a food processor. A dough will begin to form; (you may decide to add more coconut flour if it’s not thick enough). Roll into small balls and roll in shredded coconut. Refrigerate to harden.

These definitely have a hint of that traditional cookie favorite. Not an exact replica, but certainly one with more nutritional benefits, and certainly delicious!

I’m submitting this recipe to Healthy Vegan Friday and Wellness Weekend!

Also worth sharing:

My upstairs neighbors made this amazing, HUGE igloo in our front yard. So cool, right?!


Is it snowing in your neck of the woods? Do you like winter? Did you play in the snow when you were young?

17 thoughts on “Snow Day + Healthier Snowball Cookies

  1. FoodFeud says:

    I love snow! We don’t get anything like that anymore, though – that igloo, wow! Also love the snowballs – such a good idea and they look cute too. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Maria @ Little Miss Cornucopia says:

    It snowed here too! I love everything about it – especially when my 8 year old wakes me up first thing in the morning after a nice snowfall – the look on his little face is priceless. I always loved playing in the snow when I was young – my brothers and sisters spent hours outside. best times ever!

  3. The Healthy Flavor says:

    These look so good and healthy Raechel! I love them. And that snow, omg!! I’ve never seen that kind of day. Definitely too cold for me but I do wish it would get colder more often here in Texas! I love to see snow like that sometimes!

  4. Laura S says:

    OMG VEGAN SNOWBALL COOKIES!!! It was pretty much a holiday staple and my trademark recipe at family holiday gatherings until I became vegan. Now my sister makes them, haha :P. I don’t usually use a food processor, though, I use a whip paddle thingymajig (lol), and I put icing sugar on the outside instead of shredded coconut :). I wonder if, instead of coconut butter, Earth Balance would work…hmm… Because my non-vegan ones had 2 sticks of butter, LOL.
    – Laura :)

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I am just a little jealous of your snow :) It is a humid 35’C here! Your cookies look amazing too, and perfect for winter as well as Christmas in Australia ;)

  6. Lou says:

    Yeah, I don’t think snow is going to be happening EVER where I am – it’s about 35 degrees C…. I would LOVE to experience a cold Christmas one day! Those little snowballs look YUMMO…. I am obsessed with coconut butter!

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