Friday Five!

Happy Friday and HAPPY OFFICIAL HOLIDAY SEASON! I had sort of a crappy week work-wise, but all this holiday stuff snaps me out of my funks.  If you weren’t with me on the blog last year and/or if you don’t know me in real life, be warned: my love of the Christmas season is on par with Buddy the Elf.

But I won’t bombard you with exclusively holiday-themed FF’s right away. For now, I’m still sane enough to provide a little variety. Hope you enjoy!

1. Hot Cocoa Cinna-Buns

Kathy’s hot cocoa cinna-buns (with toasty swirly marshmallow) look decadent and amazing. They are made with spelt flour—-which tends to be easier on those of us with a more mild gluten-intolerance—-but can also be made gluten-free. An excellent indulgent Christmas morning breakfast, perhaps?

2. Fracking and Food

The first official peer-review study on the effects of fracking our our food system was published earlier this year, revealing a link between fracking and illness in food animals. As The Nation reports, if the exposed animals become ill, and if people eat those animals and/or the byproducts, then humans are likely in trouble too. This article is full of lots of important information (and heartbreaking stories of very sick animals, ill from exposure to fracking fuels and emissions). Here’s an infograph summarizing some of the recent findings:

3. Natural Cold Remedies and Prevention

On to some less severe ills….My pal posted this great article on FB just in time for the winter cold season. I successfully fought of a bug last weekend, using many of these tips. (Cliff’s Notes version: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine by thy food” (!)).

4. Gabby’s Split Pea Soup with Rutabaga Croutons

I’m seriously SO stoked to make this soup. I love split pea soup, and the addition of miso sounds absolutely perfect. Plus, rutabaga croutons?! Seriously, how awesome does that sound? Gabby, you are chef after my own heart!

5. DIY Clementine Candles

Love the way scented candles fill up your home with seasonal aromas, but don’t like that some of those things might be somewhat toxic? Here’s a solution: a DIY clementine candle! Watch the how-to video!

What are some of your favorite cold remedies and prevention tips? Do you like split pea soup? Do you like crafting? Are you super excited about the holidays?!

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