Winter calm.


peaceful winter calm. gazing out of my uncle’s kitchen window.

Dear friends,

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I apologize for not having a Friday Five up yesterday. I’ve been busy while visiting family and friends in Cleveland, happily taking time away from the computer….

Thanksgiving day was filled with beautiful, delicious food made with love. We shared laughs around the table, and honored the ghosts of those who’ve passed. And when we hugged goodbye, I found myself holding longer and closer, feeling more deeply that these moments and people are meant to be cherished…

I’m doing a little bit of work today, but in a few hours I’ll be relaxing with friends at our annual Vegan Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving. Stay tuned on Monday for a report-back of the menu (which is sure to be incredible)….

It’s snowing here now. The true beginning of the holiday season is upon us. And my heart is so full and warm. <3



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