Friday Five!

Hey friends. So, guess where I’m writing from? Need a hint? If I won the Superbowl, this is apparently the place that I’d end up. That’s right, yesterday, I flew to Disney World. No offense to you Floridians, but Orlando is sort of the last place I would envision myself going to willingly. So why am I here?

Well, when you’re an academic, you go where the conference goes. And this year, my field’s national conference decided to plop down in Disney (wtf?). Bizarre as this is, it’s nice to be surrounded by my community of scholars and pedagogues, wherever that may be.

As you can imagine, I don’t have much time to spend on blogging amidst the presentations, networking, and fun-having. So this will be a quick FF! But with Thanksgiving around the corner, I had to post something to inspire a lot of warm n’ fuzzy holiday feelings, yes?

1. Persimmons!

Have you had a persimmon? They are all the rage on the healthy blogosphere. I first heard about them in one of Dara’s videos (she talks about them towards the end, with tips on how to get it at optimum ripeness!), then started seeing them everywhere. Check out the video, and then maybe these persimmon overnight oats, and then, perhaps, these persimmon (gluten-free, grain-free, vegan) scones?? Good breakfast ideas for Thanksgiving Day, maybe?

2. Family Trivia Thanksgiving Tradition

I read about this fun holiday activity in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living (yes, I’m a subscriber, and no, almost nothing in there is every vegan; but I am a sucker–especially around the holidays–for cute domestic stuff!). Basically the family creates a little booklet of trivia about their family members (past and present). You try to answer them throughout the evening, then everyone shares the answers (with an anecdote, of course) around the dinner table. Are you warm n’ fuzzy yet?

3. Hearty Autumn Greens

Get some leafy greens on your Thanksgiving table with this healthy vegan recipe from Martha.

4. Calories & Thanksgiving

Since discovering clean eating, my former obsession with calorie counting has waned to almost nil. And I’m especially not concerned about calorie counting on a holiday! That said, this short blurb from the New York Times got me thinking. It claims that the average American will eat 4,500 calories on Thursday. Do you think that sounds accurate for you?

5. New Meaning to “Turkey Day”!

Have you ever adopted a turkey for Thanksgiving? It’s a really wonderful gesture on a day that is literally devoted to the murder of millions of them. : ( Look at these cutie-pies on the Farm Sanctuary website and consider becoming a turkey momma or poppa!


On a less blog-relevant topic, but still worth noting: I’ve got this heavy on my mind. Sending lots of thoughts to that part of the world right now.


Have you ever been to Disney World? Do you have to go to conferences for your job? Have you ever had a persimmon? Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions?

6 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Binyamina Aisha Bee says:

    i have to try those persimmon overnight oats! i had persimmon tacos yesterday, what a strange treat.
    for thanksgiving, i always go to alcatraz for the indigenous uprising remembrance sunrise ceremony.

    and speaking of indigenous uprising…FREE PALESTINE!

    xoxo b

    • raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen says:

      yes, you know i am critical about my appreciation of Thanksgiving. i hate it’s genocidal, imperialist roots, but do love a good family holiday. I think that’s a wonderful tradition to go to alcatraz for that. <3

      and yes. viva palestina. my heart is breaking for them.

  2. Jess says:

    It’s been way too long since I’ve made garlicky greens—thanks for the reminder! I tried sautéed persimmons a few weeks ago (with lots of cinnamon) over oatmeal and liked it, but it wasn’t love. I think I need to try a few more ways. I keep expecting them to be more tart.
    Have an awesome time in Florida!

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