Peachy Green Pumpkin Smoothie

Sooo…..remember last week when I was all, “I OD’d on pumpkin!” Well, this week, I’m all, “Yeeaaaahhhh, that didn’t last.” I stopped eating it for a week, then decided to give it a go again. To my delight, I no longer feel sick to my stomach after eating it. Quite the opposite. Pumpkin and I are back on track. (Who doesn’t love a good on-again/off-again romance?)

I could have kept going with my pumpkin chia pudding, but not having something green in my breakfast sort of bums me out. And the easiest way to get in greens? A smoothie, of course.

I googled to make sure that I wasn’t the first to put spinach and pumpkin in a smoothie. Fortunately, there are quite a few food bloggers out there who, like me, will add spinach to just about anything. Unfortunately, every recipe I found had bananas, and I try to avoid eating too many of those (high-sugar, sometimes slow digesting). I did, however, have frozen peaches.

And so, the Peachy Green Pumpkin Smoothie was born. (Get it? It kind of sounds like “Peachy Keen”! Cute, right?).

Peachy Green Pumpkin Smoothie

3/4 c almond milk

handful spinach

frozen peaches (about 4-5 slices)

1/4 c pumpkin puree

cinnamon, to taste

2-4 drops vanilla stevia

1 scoop unsweetened protein powder

Blend all ingredients together. Pour, enjoy.

This tastes both autumy and refreshing. Both comforting and nutritious. A perfect smoothie to sip while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, perhaps? Get in some healthy greens before diving into your giant feast! (Because, is it me, or are greens sort of sorely lacking from most Thnxgiving tables?)

In other news, Mike and I are going to see Bruce Springsteen tonight (!). It’s gonna be boss.

Do you have on-again/off-again romances with food (or people)? Do you like adding spinach to everything? Do you heart Bruce Springsteen?

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