Happy Halloween!

First things first: My heart and all my healing energy is with everyone on the East Coast who suffered from the storm. Wishing you all comfort and strength in the aftermath of this “natural” disaster.

And now:

Happy Halloween everybody! I already gave you a ton of good recipe ideas in the Friday Five last week, so hopefully you’re all set with yummy theme-appropriate treats to make for today.

So this is just going to be a very quick post featuring my adorable kitty in costume…..Kind of. Really she’s in the process of un-costume-ing.

Stokely Wizard-Vampire Cat

This was our attempt to put a cape on Stokely a couple years ago. She was not pleased. But, we’re probably going to give it a-go again this year. It’s just so cute! ; )

Do you dress up your pets for holidays? Am I a cruel cat momma or am I doing her a favor by making her look adorable? I like to think the latter. ; ) 

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