Friday Five

A list of things that are true:

-autumn is still making me feel dreamy and complicated and alive.

-the internet is full of good eats.

-I am going dancing tonight. (!) I’m excited about this because it’s been forreevverrr since I’ve gone dancing.

-I heart you. <3

And here’s another list for you, on this blustery fall friday:

1. “Cheezy” Loaded Potato Broccoli Soup

I cannot wait to make Kathy’s “Healthy Makeover” Potato Soup. This picture (and the cheezy potato soup upon which it’s based) makes it seem like an indulgent, not-so-healthy dinner, right? Wrong. The recipe list is simple and light; just a couple potatoes, lots of broc, veggie stock, almond milk, and nooch. Yum! Healthy yum!

2. The Food/Riot Connection

This is an interesting little article from The Salt about a group of researchers that are trying to chart the correlation between food prices and social unrest. Of course, as the article admits, there are a host of sociopolitical influences for revolutions, rebellions, and riots, but food prices shouldn’t be ignored as one of the main contributors. What do you think?

3. Animal Blogs You Should Know

Two of my good friends here in Minneapolis also happen to be fellow lady-bloggers. They don’t write about food, but they do write about cute animals, and because this is a vegan food blog, I think cute animals are pretty relevant, right? You should visit both for a dose of happy.

Whole Kitty is a blog about raising two kitties “on the natural, [and] on the cheap.” Mel, the blogger, is a health-conscious vegan who is mindful about all of her choices as they relate to labor, the environment, etc. As a cat owner who admittedly has not done as much research as I should about kitty diets, I’m excited to learn more.

are they cutie-pies, or what?!

Bad Photos of Good Dogs is exactly what it sounds like…A blog with bad photos of good dogs! It’s absolutely delightful, and I look forward to every post! Allison is always looking for submissions, too, so you should send her pics of your favorite pooch for 15 minutes of puppy-fame!

full disclosure: this my mom’s beautiful dog, Roxy!

4. Chai Spiked Pumpkin Milkshake (or Smoothie)

Love this recipe from Spabettie. She gives you two options: the dessert version is made with pumpkin ice cream (she links to a recipe); the smoothie version is made with protein powder. Either way, this sounds like a perfect fall beverage!


My friend Emily who sent this to me, wrote: “So many Raechel things in this video!” AHHH! SO TRUE! SO AMAZING!

What’s true for you this happy Friday? (<–no seriously, make me a list in the comments. i love reading lists almost as much as i love making them). Are you totally in love with that soup recipe? Are you already bookmarking my friends’ blogs? Did you melt into a puddle watching that baby kitten?


8 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. aratota says:

    1. your friday fives are always bangin’. fact.
    2. i love when you talk about the weather. whenever you describe it, it seems to match chicago weather, and that makes me happy.
    3. I NEED to make that soup. Not want, NEED.
    4. woke up way too early this morning for a yoga class I didn’t make (f*&!), bleary-eyed, I came to work way too early and pumped myself full of caffeine via a green tea almond milk “capuccino” from argo tea. now i’m totally wired. and in case you’re wondering, planning to leave work early to make a 4:30 yoga class. fact.
    5. i recently made an awesome vegan curry using onions, sweet potato, and a leafy green called tatsoi, i’m probably not going to blog about it, but now you know.

    • raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen says:

      Great comment list, friend. (Tell me you’re a fan of the office and are conjuring the Dwight Schrute “Fact”?). Missing a yoga class is THE WORST! Glad you will get to the afternoon class. : )


      also, yummmm grean tea capuccino!

  2. melody says:

    – i have cramps
    – the new Dark. Dark, Dark album is amazing
    – i feel happy you posted about my blog
    – i feel energized about my “current research project”
    – daniel is sitting in my lap not reacting to baby kitty yoga.

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