Friday Five!

Happy Friday to you! It’s been another hectic week over here, but I got through the stress a bit better than last week. I’m trying to be very intentional about making my yoga practice useful outside of the studio. This means a lot of check-ins throughout the day: How’s my breath? Am I hungry? Am I cold? How’s my energy? Asking myself these questions forces me to be in-tune with and respond to the needs of my body before they build up. And fortunately, yoga has given me the tools to really know my body/mind/spirit. If stress got the best of me this week, I tackled it in whatever way was calling to me: slow breathing, a heartier or lighter dinner, more or less exercise, a drink with friends….

Knowing one’s body is pretty powerful!

Ya know what else I know? Cool things on the internet. Allow me to share:

1. No Bake Pumpkin Energy Bites

Yes, the FF will include either pumpkin treats, apple treats or both until the end of November. I can almost guarantee this. I am totally obsessed with these fall foods, and I’m going to exploit their theme-y goodness as much as I can! I love that this go-to cookie ball got pumpkin-ified over at Gimme Some Oven. (Sub maple syrup or agave if you don’t use honey!)

2. Anti-Obesity Commercials: Educational or Shaming?

Have you seen the debates about the new anti-obesity ads that were recently released in Minnesota? You can read an overview here, but be sure to visit both the response in The Atlantic, and Lindy West’s impassioned article on Jezebel.  Thoughts?

3. Kale Chipotle Ceaser Salad

I really want to make this beautiful salad from The Alkaline Sisters. I love the sound of the spicy (vegan) ceaser dressing. Also, there’s a pumpkin in the picture, which may or may not have excited me. (#FALLTHINGS!!!!!!!!!)

4. Food Justice, Worker Justice

I’m really excited about the Real Food Real Jobs campaign being run by UNITE HERE. Basically the idea is that people who work in the food industry—like cafeteria workers, servers, etc.—-have a wealth of food knowledge and can have a tremendous impact on creating a healthier and more fair food system. Don’t let this movement become something that seems only appropriate for white college students….Sign the pledge!

5. Plank Routine

Love love love this new workout routine from PurelyTwins. It’s an 8-minute interval workout with various exercises that work your core (and arms, legs…really almost all of your body feels this!). It’s been a great supplement to my other HIIT workouts and yoga!

What pumpkin things do you plan to make? What do you think about those commercials? Do you feel in-tune with your body and it’s needs?

Have a great weekend! xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Lou says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how crazy you guys over that side of the world go for pumpkins! We get them most of the year, so it’s not so exciting…. plus we don’t get all that pumpkin “themed” stuff – it looks pretty fun actually ;)

    MIndfulness is such a powerful tool to harness for one’s health and well being.

    I found a really cool dosha-test I thought you may like…. it goes into all your imblances, and you even get suggested ways to balance your dosha through diet/asana etc –

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