Friday Five

Happy, happy Friday! I am still grinning from the amazingness that was the Internet Cat Video Film Festival that I attended last night. The Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis decided to showcase a phenomenon that is usually relegated to the privacy of one’s own home, and turn it into a communal event. A gazillion people showed up to watch cat video favorites, laughing and “aww”-ing in surround sound. Super fun times!

And it’s the kick off to a three-day weekend! And next time I post it will be SEPTEMBER! Which means it’s almost fall! (More on that later). Let’s keep this posi-energy going with the Friday Five!

1. Dandelion and Bitter Greens Salad with Tarragon-Lemon Vinaigrette

I’ve been wanting to eat more dandelion for the detox benefits, and this salad seems like a great place to start. Also tarragon-lemon dressing? Yum.

2. Supplements: Essential v. Nice to Have

This is an awesome, informative post from Healthful Pursuit about supplements. The three she says are essential are also the same three I take religiously: multi-vitamin, (vegan) omega-3 supp, and probiotics. She offers great resources and reasons why these things are good, plus offers a lot of other “nice to have” supplements too. Check it out!

3. Nutritionists in Grocery Stores

This article from the New York Times discusses a burgeoning coalition between health providers and grocery stores, which has manifested in some grocery stores hiring dietitians and nutritionists to help customers in their store. Read more, then tell me what you think about this new partnership!

4. Raw Vegan Pumpkin Layer Cake

GUYS! IT’S ALMOST FALL! DO YOU KNOW YOU WILDLY HAPPY THAT MAKES ME?!??!??!!!!!! (ALL CAPS MEANS REALLY EFFING HAPPY!). One reason for all this excitement is because it means pumpkin-flavored things are on the way. I love this recipe from Christy Smith featured on the Healthy Blender because it’s raw and pumpkin, so it’s kind of a nice transition from summer-to-fall dessert. Theme-appropriate.

5. I Love Cats

So this video actually didn’t make the Internet Cat Video Film Festival cut, but it happens to be a major favorite of mine. It was edited by the Songify folks from a video created for E-Harmony (rumor has it that it wasn’t a real video, but I like to think it was. Mostly because I maybe strongly identify with this gal). Anyway, watch, laugh, enjoy. : )


Have you ever had dandelion greens? What do you think about nutritionists in grocery stores? ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR FALL? Do you like to watch internet cat videos?

Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Lou says:

    Dandelion greens are the BEST…. crazy that they are looked upon as a weed by most. Oh YES that pumpkin numbers looks amazing…. it doesn’t matter we are heading into Spring over here, does it?

  2. FoodFeud says:

    Haha I LOVE that there is an internet cat film festival. That sounds so fun.
    It sounds like everyone is totally stoked for fall – i am too.
    Thanks for the link to the supplement post! I get a little over-excited about supplements and superfoods sometimes, so it’s nice to have it laid out which ones are most helpful.
    Have a nice weekend :)

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