Friday Five!

Namali Kaleshi! (That’s Nohari for ‘Happy Friday.’ Thanks again to Binya :)).

A short four-day week really got me in an awesome work-mode. I was mega productive: finished a dissertation chapter, finished an intro for a book project I’m contributing to, got job market materials together, and helped with some syllabus planning. Not bad!

But all that work left me way ready for another weekend. And no weekend is official without the Friday Five, so let’s get to it…..

1. Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches with Mint Chip Middle

Summer’s not dead yet. Mike and I have planned an ice cream date at a place that serves vegan ice cream before August’s end, but if you don’t have a local vegan ice creamery, make some of these ice cream sandwich cookies for yourself. (Also, just go revel in the beauty and deliciousness of the entire Love Raw website).

2. What to do with leftover herbs

Dear Joy the Baker, please be my bff. You are totes adorbs. When you post pics of yourself, I usually think, “Damn, I want those shoes.” Your posts usually make me “lol” (but in a for real way; like, my cat wonders why I’m laughing-out-loud kind of way). And when they don’t, they usually make my heart feel things like, “Wow, I totally get that.” And even though you’re not vegan, and are boldly and awesomely not dedicated exclusively to “clean” eating, you are still one of my favorite food bloggers. Neat-o, right? Love, Raechel.

Dear readers, if you don’t know Joy the Baker, go visit her now. This post about using leftover herbs caught my attention in particular, because it’s brilliant and I totally waste herbs all the time. But you should probably just start checking her out on a regular basis, because she is awesome and makes beautiful food. Love, Raechel.

3. The benefits of soaking nuts and seeds

If you’re a peruser of any healthy/clean eating blogs, you’ve probably noticed talk about soaking nuts and seeds before using them (especially popular in the raw community). Admittedly, I have a tendency to take bloggers’ word for things—-(e.g., agave is good? good! agave is bad? oh, okay, no more agave, for example)—-so, when I had the time, I too jumped on the soaking bandwagon. When Mike asked why I was doing this, I replied in tradition with the sort of running-joke we have: “Science.” Science has become code for “the food bloggers I read” because, for me, food bloggers are enough, but for Mike, he likes to double-check things in peer-reviewed science journals. (peer-reviewed, schmer-reviewed!).

And while this wonderful article isn’t peer-reviewed, it is well-researched and super informative. So, click on it and read about all the legit reasons that soaking nuts and seeds is the way to go! : )

4. Body Positive Yoga

A lovely lady friend from Chicago sent me the link to this wonderful website, Body Positive Yoga. I do a lot of talking about “access”–making healthy living accessible to marginalized people. I tend to focus on marginality in terms of race and class, but don’t give enough thought those folks who are marginalized due to body-type and/or  physical ability. This website describes body positive yoga as “low-pressure, judgment-free yoga for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners,” and provides resources for modifications, positive body image stuff, and more. How wonderful and important!

5. California’s Prop 37

Are you familiar with this yet? There is an effort in California to require that GMO food be labeled as such. But, “Prop 37 isn’t just about labeling genetically modified foods, it’s about labeling foods properly in general, as well as instating fines for offending companies.” Read more here about this important issue.


Okay, you know I hate ending the FF with something serious, so instead I’ll leave you with a picture of a french bulldog giving a high-five. (you’re welcome):


Have you had a summer ice cream treat yet? Do you love Joy the Baker? Do you soak your nuts and seeds? Did that picture of the french bulldog giving a high five make you squeal in delight?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five!

    • raechel says:

      Don’t they look incredible?! Thank goodness for Pinterest for showing them to me. ; )

      Just checked out your blog-love it!

  1. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    Lovely round up once again! Love that idea for infused oils- totally snagging that! And I was drooling over those ice cream sandwich cookies too.

    I do soak my nuts and seeds, pretty religiously! Thanks for the article- gives a very good explanation as to why I do it, something I’d never been able to explain well before!

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