Friday Five!

Jumu’ah Mubarak! That’s Arabic for “Happy Friday!” (Thanks, Binya!).

First I want to thank you for all your comments and love in response to my yoga posts! They have been helping me study a lot, and the big day is THIS SUNDAY! Next time I post, I’ll be a certified yoga teacher! (::knock on wood::). Hooray!

I wanted to stick with tradition and bring the Friday Five this week, and I promise next week I’ll be back with recipes. But don’t worry–a yoga post/reflection will certainly continue to happen from time to time!

1. Almond Vanilla Detox Fudge

A delicious looking recipe from Sketch Free Eating. Low-GI, High-Flava. Yes, please.

2. Farm Bill + Poor-Shaming

Another really important article from Colorlines discusses the brutal impact the Farm Bill will have, and also tackles “poor shaming.” Solomon writes, “The Senate version of this year’s Farm Bill cuts about $4.5 billion from SNAP. In real life, this means 500,000 households would lose $90 a month in benefits, according to the Food and Research Action Center. Meanwhile, the House Agriculture Committee’s version, passed early this month, includes a staggering $16.5 billion in SNAP cuts. Per Feeding America, this would result in 3 million people losing all of their benefits, 300,000 children going without school lunch, and 500,000 households losing $90 in monthly grocery money.”

3. Cookbook Clubs, Smart Swaps, and Foodie Pen Pals (oh my!)

Vegnews compiled a list of three super-fun ideas for socially-inclined vegans. The first is a “Cookbook Club” that works kind of like a book club, but with cookbooks, and when you come to a meeting to discuss, you also come with a dish from the book! This is so brilliant, especially because there are SO MANY recipes in my giant stack of cookbooks that I’ve never made. The next idea is a food swap, which can take forms in a couple different ways; one fun suggestion is to make it cooking-class style. Finally, they discuss the Foodie Pen Pal idea that I’ve seen buzzing around the blogworld. Basically, you get assigned a fellow foodie pen pal, and then do a goodie swap via snail mail! So fun! Read more details here.

4. Food Prep Ideas

These are some super amazing food prep tips from the Detoxinista. Pre-washing and bagging your juice combos, ready-made salad bar, and make-ahead dressings. Check it out!

5. Yoga and Veganism

Keeping in theme with my yoga journey, I figured a video about the connection between yoga and veganism would be appropriate. Not that I think you have to be vegan to live a yogic life, but, ya know, it doesn’t hurt. : )

How has your week been? Have you ever participated in a cookbook club/food swap/pen pal thing? Do you have any other food prep lists? Has your yoga practice influenced your diet (or vice versa)?

3 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    This is one of your best Friday Five posts yet! Loved that Yoga of Veganism video, it just articulated so well why I eat vegan, I just never put it together quite like that. I think I’ll share it on my blog tomorrow!

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