Friday Five!

Vendredi Heureux to you, readers! I decided to add a little variety to my greetings, so I’m going to try to introduce a new language to say “Happy Friday” every week. Cool? Cool. This week is French, obvs, because it’s one I didn’t have to look up! (Edit: Okay, I did look it up to make sure I was spelling “heureux” correctly, but I knew how to say it! ;)).

I’ve got some neat-o things for you this week. Hope you enjoy!

1. Quinoa Vegan Nori Rolls

Love anything that offers an alternative to white rice in sushi-esque dishes! Don’t these look delish? And so into the fact that it incorporates sea veggies. So good for you!

2. Tomato Labor & Poetic Eats

First and foremost, click on this post from The First Mess to read about the slave-labor conditions faced by many tomato farmers. This topic hits particularly close to home as I spent a good deal of my time in Chicago working in conjunction with the Coalition of Immokalee workers to raise awareness of about this very issue.

Second, visit Eat This Poem who is also raising awareness about tomatoes, and who I only just discovered through TFM blog. Love the concept behind ETP and plan to keep visiting for inspiration…..

3. Grilled Greens

Love these how-to tips for grilling kale from A Grateful Life. As I mentioned last week, I have a goal of doing more grilling this summer, and I’ve actually never grilled kale, so this was a perfect discovery! (The recommended dressing sounds delish too)!

4. Indigenous Brazilian Resistance

This article discusses indigenous Brazilians who are protesting the building of a dam that would destroy their land. It’s an important story, and also includes this immensely important piece of wisdom from the Dali Lama:

“It is important to pray and meditate for peace, for a more compassionate and better world. But if that is all you do, it is a waste of time. You also must take actions to make that happen. Every single day.”

5. Dara Dubinet on “Clean Up Time”

I’ve been following Dara’s video on Youtube for some time, and I’ve come to find her raw food/feng shui approach to life really inspiring. Today I realized that I’ve never shared anything of hers on the blog, and decided to remedy that with this great video. In it she talks about some of the philosophy behind feng shui and how those can be applied to material items in our lives, relationships, and communication.

Have you ever made sushi or nori? Have you ever grilled kale? Can you please teach me how to say “Happy Friday” in some other languages? <3

9 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. Lou says:

    I make sushi all the time – love switching up the grain component (quinoa, millet, brown rice – YUM)

    Parairae Ki a Koe (Happy Friday in Maori… I’m a New Zealander who lives in Aussie!) (you pronounce it pa-rye-ray-key-a-kooway)

    • raechel says:

      Do you find sushi assembling challenging? I’m worried I won’t have the patience! : )

      Thanks for the Maori greeting. : )

  2. absolutely ayurveda says:

    Oooh, clean up time sounds awesome!

    And here are some fun ways to say Happy Friday in my various languages:

    “Feliz Viernes” (Spanish)

    “Jumu’ah Mubarak” (Arabic)

    “Namali Kaleshi” (Nohari – indigenous Palestinian language of my community)

    and “Talataa ka’i” (Wayyunaki – indigenous language of my tribe in Colombia. there isn’t a word for “Friday” since we measure time differently but this means “Happy Day!”)

  3. EJP says:

    last summer i was the sushi queen! typically making it for people when i wanted to impress them…

    my favorite was making a roll with garlic-peanut sauce & sauteed kale– REAL crispy! i never mixed up the grain, but sounds like something i should try.

    it’s not too hard to roll, but get one of those mats & cover it in plastic wrap… and just accept your first 2-3 rolls will look like regurgitated bird food.

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