Friday Five

Well, we’ve stumbled into mid-July. Can you believe it? I still have a whole lot of summer to-do’s to do in the next month in a half! Like more bike rides, and books, and beaches! And (vegan/gf)  s’mores! And farmer’s markets! And loud music and late nights! And and and!…..You know. Summer stuff.

So I’m gonna go ahead and get to that, and leave you with the Friday Five. Enjoy! <3

1. Raw Apple Pie Cookies

Brand new blog discovery: boy&the rabbit. This blog is delightful. Full of beautiful, often vegan (always vegetarian) food pics and recipes, and written with smarts and heart[s]. I am simply charmed by Danny’s p.o.v., and simply drooly about his food. I wanna make these, but maybe sub the ww flour with somethin’ gluten-free.

2. Five Steps to Making a Good Salad

I’ve been eyeing Oh, Ladycakes amazingly gorgeous decadent desserts for a few weeks now, so it’s a bit odd that I’m sharing a post about salad. But you should check it out, there are some great tips on how to make one of my favorite meals a winner every time.

3. Urban Gardening

I do not have a green thumb. What is the color on the color-wheel that is exactly opposite of green? Purple? I don’t remember, but whatever it is, I am that color thumb. That being said, I am in awe of and appreciative of all gardeners and farmers, and particularly proud of urban gardeners for their perseverance!

One such extraordinary lady is my dear friend Emily Jane. She wrote a neat post on how she managed to keep her Chicago back-porch garden alive this summer! And please please PLEASE make sure you check out her main page for her most recent post (it will be a treat for your ears and your heart, I promise).

this is what cilantro looks like! neat, right? photo: EJP.

4. More Than Workers and Consumers

This article from Colorlines features a discussion with two women involved in the food justice movement: one, a black rank-and-file organizer at Warehouse Workers for Justice, and the other, an Asian college graduate who now works for Slow Food USA. They both presented at a conference sponsored by the Food Chain Workers Alliance and talked about how it’s unfair to project assumptions about food politics upon people of a certain class, race, or educational background. Hnin notes, “People make a false assumption that if one is a worker, one only cares about justice. We need to recognize that workers….also care about joy and eating well; it’s the same the other way around. If you’re a consumer, you don’t only care about the product, you care about the ethical and justice issues behind it. Everyone works, and everyone eats.” (bread and roses!) Read more here.

5. Yoga Lady/Cat Lady/Centered Lady

As many of you know, I’m in the midst of an intensive yoga teacher training program (a post on that will come next week, I promise). I’m also embarking on the Chopra Center 21 day meditation challenge. Also, I’m a cat-lady. All of these things make this picture resonate with me, big time. : )


What things are left on your summer to-do list? Do you urban garden? Do you love cats?

8 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Lou says:

    Thanks for the link to boy&therabbit – I said the other day I read ALL female blogs so I’m excited to read a male POV.

    I have a veggie garden that Misty + Boosty like to dig up. And I DO like cats (but Boosty doesn’t…. Misty likes to pull their ears)

    • raechel says:

      I know, it’s so rare to find a guy blogger! I love dogs too, but haven’t been able to have my own for a while (apartment rules, too much traveling, etc.). Someday soon I hope I’ll get a pooch to keep my kitty company (and maybe a kid, too, we’ll see ;)).

  2. EJP says:

    Hay girl! Thanks for the shout out. I love how you also pull out the picture of the only plant I’ve killed so far this summer! Dead cilantro! But with that death comes something delicious: coriander seed! And how many times can you say “with that death comes something delicious…”. That was kind of weird.

    I so look forward to the Friday Five! I love your blog so much– so inspiring, consistent, & informative.


    • raechel says:

      I think that pic is so beautiful! So magical that the end result is coriander seeds!

      I love you! (ps: still waiting for pics so I can post our citrus beet recipe!)

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