Friday Five

It’s Friday! Hooray! I spent my week getting back to a normal work schedule. After the craziness that was June, and the July 4th holiday week, my dissertation writing had become somewhat sporadic, so getting back into the groove feels good. But it also makes the weekends all the more sweet!

Here’s five things (+a surprise bonus) to end your week and take you into the weekend. A moi pour toi.

1. Juicy Energy

I’m thrilled to have discovered Rande’s blog, The Vegetable Centric Kitchen. I love her approach to a detox lifestyle, especially since she, as someone who works as a flight attendant, is a living example of how someone with a crazy schedule can make healthy living work! I love her idea to mix tea and juice, as she does with the Vanilla Carrot and Cucumber Mint Energy Drink:

(You should also probably do yourself a favor and check out her recipe for sweet potato s’mores!)

2. Hospital Food

I heard this story on NPR and was glad to discover that some hospitals are starting to pay more attention to the kind of food they serve in their establishments. First, the report says, hospitals need to take a closer look at the fast food restaurants that often reside on their campuses (McDonald’s exist in sooo many hospitals…you know, buildings designed for your health). And then they need to take a look at their own cafeteria menus, which don’t always offer the best options. Listen/read more here.

3. DIY Recycled Tin Can Lanterns for Summer Nights

How gorgeous are these recycled-tin-cans-turned-summmer lanterns? Wanna know how to make it for your back yard/deck/walkway to your apartment (I won’t tell the landlord, if you don’t)?  Just visit this great how-to article from Inhabititat.

4. Fruity Upside Down Cake (raw, vegan, gf)

I think this upside down cake from Follow the Fruit Fly is simply adorable. Also, easier than it looks, free of refined sugar, raw, and something I would like in my belly right now.

5. Blogilates Abs Abs Abs!

Blogilates is a more recent discovery, and I only just started trying out Casey’s workouts. First things first: this gal is tots adorbs. She’s bubbly and delightful, but not in an annoying way, which makes getting through some tough workouts a lot more fun! I just did her Bikini Blaster 3: Abs Abs Abs! video this week, and it KILLED (in a good way, of course)! I love that she suggests paper plates or towels in place of a Glider or Valslide. It’s a great workout for the entire core and works your muscles in some unique ways!

You should also probably check out this Love Handles workout, which she does with Justin Beiber’s “As Long as You Love Me” in the background (and I maybe think that song is a jam).


Because this video is just too good not to share. And because I, like CM, love me some cookies. And, yes, please share your cookies with me too, (if you have some gf, vegan, refined-sugar free cookies handy):

What are you up to this weekend? Do you also love Cookie Monster, cookies, and/or this awesome spoof?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. FoodFeud says:

    Great links all around, I love that tea/juice idea too! They look really refreshing. The tin cans are so cute, too! I’ve stopped buying things in cans for the most part because of the BPA but I would totally scrounge through someone else recycling to make those, ha!
    Have a good weekend!

    • raechel says:

      I really need to stop relying on canned beans and start soaking my own. Alas, I have a lot of garbanzo bean cans. : /

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