What I Ate Wednesday + Blog Revamp

Happy Wednesday, readers! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday, but I actually remembered to snap shots of my eats yesterday, and thus, WIAW will make a comeback!

But before I get to that, I thought I’d give some updates on the blog. As you can see, the site has gotten a bit of a makeover, which was largely inspired by Gena’s recent post on tips for vegan bloggers. She made me want to step up my game! Not only have the aesthetics changed, but I finally got the rebelgrrlkitchen.com domain name. Exciting stuff! I’ll ask you to bear with me during this transition period: the site style may change a couple more times, and my tag line may go through some more changes as well—-I’m trying to figure out a way to communicate my blog POV in a short phrase. What’s unique about me as a blogger? Well, I bring a political, punk rock approach to the healthy living world. Do I love yoga, green juice, and chia seeds? Wildly, I do. Would you describe me as “crunchy” or “granola”? Goodness, NO! Do I adore super intense, “tough guy” workouts? Heck yes! Would you describe me as “sporty”? Not even close. Do I believe in the power of meditation to change the world? In many ways, yes. Will I profess that without critiquing structural injustice? Don’t hold your breath.

These contradictions are the backbone of the rebel grrl kitchen. And so, for now, I’m paying homage to my rebellious comrades in the #occupy movement, and calling on everyone to “OCCUPY HEALTHY LIVING”! What do you think?

Update fini! Now on to yesterday’s eats!

The morning began as it always does. Warm water + lemon + 1 T apple cider vinegar. (Not pictured, but it was housed in the NPR mug that you always see in these photos!)

I then did this Fit Sugar workout (3 times through) + the Tone It Up Under the Sea workout. I’m still recovering from surgery, so I can’t do most of the ZWOW workouts yet, but these two worked just fine for my body right now. After the workout, I sipped some green juice (spinach, kale, lemon, green apple, ginger):

see that halo of light? that’s because green juice is from heaven.

Then it was off to my C2 Power Yoga class! Always one of the best hours of my day. <3

Post-yoga, I had my 2nd breakfast/quasi-lunch, which consisted of a green smoothie (spinach, coconut water, blueberries, peaches, raw protein powder):

….and my ugly-but-delicious almond butter/cinnamon/banana bowl:

Then it was off to working at a coffee shop. I brought MORE green juice for my snack:

After getting a decent amount of work done, I met Mike at home for an out-of-the-ordinary weeknight movie date. With Yoga Teacher Training eating up a lot of my weekends, we’re trying to schedule in more quality time on the weekdays. We saw “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” and gave it a mixed review. It had lots of really wonderful moments and definitely made you feel feelings, but the direction was a bit scattered toward the end, and it sort of lost us. Still, it was a fun weekday routine-shakeup! To tide me over until dinner, I snuck a snack into the movie theater— brown rice puffs! (I’m really into grain puffs lately if you haven’t noticed):

When we got home, I made a ginormous salad with kale, spinach, romaine, orange bell pepper, 1/2 avocado, sprouts, and balsamic. YUM!

And dessert was leftover pie from Mike’s birthday dinner on Monday night! I made this recipe for the dinner we had with friends to celebrate. Super tasty!

And, as always, the day was filled with lots of H2O, and probably one too many cups of green tea.

How were your eats yesterday? What do you think about the blog’s new look? Any advice from fellow bloggers (or non-blogger readers!) about my “Blogger POV”?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday + Blog Revamp

  1. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    Looks like a great day! I wish I had a juicer- I am drooling at those pictures!

    I get what you mean about trying to summarize what your blog is about in a simple phrase- it’s so difficult, something I haven’t really come up with. I’m trying not to worry about it too much and hope that one day it will come to me!

    I really like your “occupy healthy living” line. It definitely suits the blog!

    • raechel says:

      Oh goodness, yes, the juicer is a truly amazing appliance! I got the fancy Omega as a gift from my (extremely generous!) partner, but before that I had a cheaper version (I think I got it on sale for $50…not CHEAP, but cheapER), and it did the job, so I definitely recommend trying to get your hands on one! Totally worthwhile investment! : )

      And thanks for the blog conundrum sympathy! I think I’m probably over-thinking it…When I think of my favorite blogs, I don’t even remember if they have ‘taglines.’ : )

  2. Lou says:

    Hey, I’ve just discovered your blog, BUT I think it looks great – plus I think your “Occupy Healthy Living” line is fab.

    So yoga teacher training huh? How’s it going? I’m hoping to do mine next year… what style of yoga do you practise? Your juices/eats look like awesome fuel :)

    • raechel says:

      Teacher training is going GREAT! I’m really loving it. I’m going through an organization called Corepower which does Power Vinyasa (it’s Baron Baptiste-inspired). What kind of yoga do you do?

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