Friday Five!

Hi everyone. Sorry for only getting you one post this week. I flew to Arizona for a couple days to be with Mike and his family for his mom’s funeral. It was a really beautiful memorial service and I’m glad I could be there for him. And I appreciate the love and support I’ve gotten from you all! <3

But I’m trying to get back into a routine as much as I can, because with my schedule these days, it’s sort of necessary. And one staple of my routine? Getting you the Friday Five! And I’ll be back with more posts next week, so stay tuned.


1.Green Quinoa

This recipe sounds amazing! Jacqui from Good Things Grow really stepped up your basic quinoa bowl. The most tempting part of the dish is the “herb paste” which she created with dill, cilantro, parsley, and mint. Doesn’t that scream “Summer!” to you?! Yumsies. can’t wait to try.

2. Cruelty Free Mani/Pedi

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have yet to totally rid myself of toxic, healthy-living-world-approved beauty products. Usually, the price tag of organic, certified vegan cosmetics have discouraged me. Slowly but surely, I’m working to replace all my toxic stuff with the good stuff. And so I was excited to read this article about SpaRitual, a certified vegan nail polish! I was also happy to discover that some local salons near me (I go to JUUT Aveda) use it too!

Anyone else feel more inclined to have pretty nails in the summer? Since pretty much all my summer shoes feature a peep show of my toes, I like to have them lookin’ good. I think I’ll go buy some of this polish asap.

3. Scarf love

Speaking of summer fashion-y things. I want to do this, like, everyday this summer. So cute, right?

4. Overview of Senate Decisions on Farm Bills

I love Marion Nestle’s Food Politics blog. Her latest post gives a really thorough overview of the recent Senate decisions on farm bill amendments. Worth noting/getting outraged about: a bill to protect SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) from budget cuts gets rejected.

5. Happy Pride Weekend!!!

So, some of you may know that I am queer-identified. And although I’m now happily partnered with a cisgender male, I still feel very much a part of queer community. This weekend, cities across the world celebrate LGBT pride. Obvs, I plan to make a theme-appropriate dish to take to the Pride Party I’m attending. Haven’t decided what exactly, but these photos brought me a lot of inspiration!

Will you be participating in Pride festivities? Do you use vegan/toxin-free beauty products? What are you up to this weekend?

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