A Tribute to Single Moms on Father’s Day

Hi readers. I don’t usually do Sunday posts, but I wanted to take a minute today to honor all the women in the world that have to play both mom and dad to their children.

From the time that I was four, I was raised by a single mom, and she did an amazing job. It was incredibly challenging for her at times, but I never once felt like I was lacking the kind of love and support a two-parent household would provide.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that I ended up falling in love with another child of a single-parent household. Mike also grew up without a dad from a very young age, and our relationships to our moms is one of the many things we discovered we had in common.

Therefore, it is especially hard to report that Mike’s mom, Marilyn, passed away this week. She’d been battling cancer for ten years.

me, mike, and marilyn in Arizona (2011)

Marylin was the sweetest woman I’d ever met. She was kind, humble, and inspiring. Not only was she fighting cancer, but after her retirement, she went back to school and got her college degree! When Mike started getting into activism and vegetarianism in his late teens, she followed suit. A cork board in her kitchen framed ticket stubs from political music fests, flyers for protests against the war, and programs from Lefty talks. She had a contagious smile and loved her children with all of her heart.

She will be deeply missed.

And today, I want to wish all the single moms in the world a very Happy Father’s Day.

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