Friday Five

First off, thanks for all the love and comments you gave in regards to my post about having to take a break from exercise. I’ve been trying to sit with the routine-shakeup, and also just got the clearance from my doc to do modified versions of my yoga classes, which is helpful. Your support really means a lot to me!

Moving on: It’s Friday! And that means I’m giving you five things from the interwebs to take you out of the week and into the weekend. Enjoy!

1. Raw Tabbouleh

This blog is just lovely, and this recipe sounds like summer perfection. Healthy, raw, and even the description is popping with flavor. Since I plan to do a raw cleanse soon, I’m looking forward to using this on my meal plan.

2. Union Lunch Ladies Bargain to Eat Expired Food

Oh dear. I don’t know what to think about this article. It describes how a group of unionized cafeteria workers in Pennsylvania fought to change the language in their contract to make it acceptable for them to eat leftover lunch food, even if it’s expired. But it’s not that their bosses were refusing to let them eat that food because they were concerned with their health. No, they were fine with them eating the expired food, but before the contract ratification, they had to pay for the expired food. The workers, who make minimum wage, still have to pay for non-expired food.

What do you think about this? Should the union have fought for something that may ultimately endanger the health of the workers? More importantly, how can we live in a society where the people who feed our children are in so much financial turmoil that they fight to eat expired food?

3. DQ Style Vegan Ice Cream Cake

I almost fainted when I saw this recipe. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I MISS DQ ICE CREAM CAKES? I think the ALL CAPS gives you a hint. (A lot. I miss them a lot.) This looks really close to the real thing, AND it’s free of refined sugar! It looks labor intensive, but it also looks totally worth it.

4. Farm Stand Honor System

This article made me happy. It’s about an unmanned food stand in California that allows customers to pay by putting money in a cash box, and trusts that they’ll actually do it. Apparently, the food stand owners said they usually get more money than they should, not less. The article goes on to discuss the psychology behind this, but mostly I just think it’s a sweet story, and it made me nostalgic for the food stands in some more rural areas of Ohio that I used to visit as a kid!

5. “Texts from My Dog”

I just discovered this tumblr, and I cannot get enough of it! I seriously laugh-out-loud every single time I see it. This has nothing to do with food or health, but vegans like animals, and dogs are animals, so this is totally relevant. ;)

Here’s one of my favorites:


Happy weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. elenoreearth says:

    Hey grrl Thanks for including the Raw Tabbouleh! I am so sure you´ll love it, babe! It´s is like the greatest ever cleanse recipe!


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