Friday Five

It’s Friday again! And it’s another weekend of travel for me, this time to a wedding in Cincinnati. But I wouldn’t dream of skipping town without first providing you with the Friday Five!

1. Blueberry Muffin Bites

Just when I thought I’d seen every nutty vegan ball known the the healthy food blog world, Gabby from The Veggie Nook created these cuties. I never would have thought to use this flavor combo, but I’m so glad Gabby did! Even more exciting, she says they taste like actual muffins (but, ya know, without gluten, sugar, eggs, and all that other junk that many of us don’t want to eat)! Oh golly, I can’t wait to whip these babies up in my Cuisinart.

2. PETA Porn Site

I don’t have the time or space to write all my thoughts about this, so I’ll just give you the deets I learned from HuffPo: PETA launched a porn site, which has enough adult content to warrant a “.xxx” web address. In addition to racy pictures of scantily clad vegans, there will also be graphic images of animal abuse.

Tell me your thoughts! I’d love to dialogue about it in the comments section!

3. Best and Worst Jobs for Your Health

Some of you may know that I’m kind of intellectually and politically invested in things related to jobs and work. My dissertation research is focused on the labor movement, I’m a long-time labor activist, my partner is a union organizer, and I am constantly thinking about issues of class. Of course, I also spend a ton of time and energy on issues related to health (see: this blog). When anything discusses the relationship between the two, you can bet I’ll be interested. And when I saw this list of the Best and Worst Jobs for Your Health, I was especially curious to see how they were defining “health.” I, of course, have some criticism of the results, but was also pleased to see that they, on occasion, took things into account such as whether or not the workers have benefits. Kind of super important. But they also say that being a corporate exec is one of the worst, and while I totally understand that those jobs are stressful, I just can’t feel a ton of sympathy for people who make that much money, have benefits, and the access to resources that could alleviate their stress.

What do you think about the list? Does your job show up on it?

4. More Reasons to Stay Away from Sugar

If you’re a regular reader, you know I avoid refined sugar at all costs. I believe, along with some of my most favorite health gurus, that sugar is toxic. I still crave “better” sugar (dates, coconut sugar, agave), which I know isn’t great for you either (especially agave), but I believe it’s a step in the right direction. Recently, 60 Minutes featured a doctor—-without an ounce of new agey, hippieness—-that discussed why he too believes sugar is toxic, and that it increases risks for heart disease and stroke. Watch this 14 minute video for reminders on why you should avoid the stuff.

5. Guide to In-Season Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs

Love this gorgeous guide to seasonal fruit. If you want to try to eat local, this is an especially handy tool. This informative post from Chasing Delicious includes lots of great info,  two other lovely picture graphs (veggies and herbs), and also provides this lovely sentiment about in-season eating:

“My favorite part about abiding by an ingredient’s natural availability is what I like to call the Thanksgiving-effect.  Most of us only eat those famous turkey-day dishes on thanksgiving because the meal, and each particular dish, is more special that way. Approaching fruits and vegetables with the same zealous attention to seasonal availability makes that tiny dewberry window in May all the more special.”

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