Work It Wednesday (+ Announcement!)

Hi friends. I had a bit of a #bloggerfail yesterday, and didn’t snap a single photo of my eats, so I don’t have a picture-heavy “What I Ate Wednesday” for you. It was pretty standard fare. Morning juice, Smoothie + Banana/Almond Butter lunch, fruit and nut snack, ginormous salad for dinner (sticking to the Oh She Glows June Salad Challenge!), and a vegan, gluten-free brownie for dessert. I do have one picture of my salad from Monday, and yesterday’s didn’t look terribly different:

arugula, kale, sprouts, carrots, white beans, balsamic. yum!

Since I don’t have any more food pics for you, I thought I’d take a bit of space to do a workout update, and to make a kind of big-deal announcement….

First, workouts. If you haven’t already, take a look at my new Fitness & Workouts page (link on the sidebar on the right). This page describes my fitness regimen, and explains why I focus primarily on HIIT-style workouts and yoga, with occasional running and strength-training. I’ve been listing the workouts I do every day, including the links to the videos I use as my trainers. As some of you know, the internet is full of truly amazing FREE personal trainers, my favorites being Zuzana, Amanda Russell, and the ladies behind Tone It Up. This is what my workouts have looked like this week:


Sunday:  (jog warm up+) HIIT style 3 mile run (alternating sprint and jog, every minute) (+jog cool down) + 16 minutes stationary bike+  MaliBooty workout + POP Pilates Ab Workout

Monday: (AM) ZWOW #4 + ZWOW #5 + 60 min Vinyasa class   (PM) Leisurely walk

Tuesday: ZWOW #8 + Amanda Russell Hotel Workout + 100 Tummy Tucks + 60 min Vinyasa class + leisurely bike riding around town

Wednesday: (I’m about to do my favorite strength training video, Jari Love’s Get Ripped 1000, followed, of course, by some yoga)

If you click on the page, you’ll see a lot more links. I’m really thrilled to have discovered this world of free fitness, and I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of some these resources too! :)

Now, on to the big announcement.

::drum roll::

…(i’m such a nerd)

I’M TAKING CLASSES TO BECOME A CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR!!!!!!!!!! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I couldn’t make the financial commitment before finding out if I had secure funding for school/work next year. Fortunately, that’s all settled, so I treated myself to what I think might be the best investment I’ve ever made.

As you can probably tell from some past blog posts, I am a majorly in love with yoga. It has helped me transform my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. That being said, yoga is a practice, and I have a lot more to learn. I am very much looking forward to teacher training to deepen my own practice in an effort to be more mindful and intentional in my life. In addition, as someone who teaches for a living, I am also overjoyed at the thought of using my skills as an educator to share the benefits of yoga with others. While having the opportunity to get paid to do this is a nice perk, I also hope to teach free classes for under-served populations (specifically, women in prison).

So, if it’s okay with all of you, I’d like to share some of my teacher training adventures on the blog. Classes start next week and go through August, so I’d like to maybe do a post each month with some highlights from the training. Cool? Cool. :)

attempting to take photo booth shots of yoga poses leads to fuzzy faces!

What workouts are you loving lately? Do you have anymore awesome free Youtube trainers worth recommending? Are you into yoga? Anyone else a yoga teacher (besides the lovely Rebel Grrl Italiana)?

Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Work It Wednesday (+ Announcement!)

  1. zosia says:

    :) congratulations on making the choice to be a yoga instructor! i think i may do it as well…for some reason i cannot commit…i am scared…which may be all the more reason to just go for it…

    anyways – all the best <3

  2. Lachrista says:

    LOVE! So excited you’re doing teacher training. You will be an excellent yoga instructor! Where are you doing your training through? TT is definitely life changing! (Also, thanks for the shout-out!)

  3. absolutely ayurveda says:


    i am sooooo happy for you and can’t wait to hear all about it! this is so exciting and perfect for you and you are going to love it, i just know it :)

    i am starting my “eightfold path of yoga” series next week – what a perfect time to chat about all the aspects of yoga!

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