Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone! AND HAPPY JUNE! Anyone else have a major crush on the first day of a new month? I just LOVE that feeling of a fresh start, thinking of month-appropriate themes, and flipping the calendar to a new cat picture! Er, I mean, I flip my calendar to the next picture of something really mature and artistic and that doesn’t make me sound like a crazy cat-lady….

Before we get into the Friday Five, I want to thank you all for the amazing comments, feedback, and emails you sent in response to my post about diet guilt. I felt really vulnerable posting that much “real talk,” but your positive responses and stories were helpful to me, and I’m glad that opening up the conversation was helpful to some of you too.

Now on to five things to end your week, and kick-start your first JUNE weekend!

1. Strawberry Tarte

I cannot get enough of fruit desserts! This recipe sounds awesome—free of refined sugar, and no baking required. Plus, the blog, Vegan Housewives, is totally ADORBS. It’s a new discovery (thanks, once again, to Pinterest!), but I think it’ll be a new go-to.

2. New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sugary Drinks

According to this New York Times article, the Bloomberg administration wants to ban large-size sodas from restaurants, movie theaters, and street carts. This ban would not extend to juices, milkshakes, or diet sodas. In addition, these establishments could still sell small cups of soda, even if they allow free refills.

Thoughts? Will this encourage healthier beverage consumption? Does the size thing seem arbitrary, or potentially effective? Anyone else believe diet soda is almost if not more terrible for you than the regular stuff?

3. Angela’s June Salad Challenge

Angela from Oh She Glows challenged her readers to enjoy a salad everyday during the month of June, and I’m totally on board. Click here to get some of her (incredibly delicious) salad recipes! And I *highly* recommend her strawberry basil salad—it’s unreal!

4. CLEANSE America

Speaking of salad, have you ever thought about trying a raw food cleanse? I just discovered this site that’s doing a nation-wide cleanse program from June 20-29th, which suggests either sticking to only raw foods, or only juices/smoothies/soups.  For $25 you’ll get a recipe book, community support, and the inspiration that you’re not alone on your cleanse journey! I’ve never done an entirely raw food cleanse, nor have I done a cleanse with more than one other person, so I’m actually considering this! Sounds fun!


5. Bikini Body MAX BURN Pyramid

I’ve done this Tone It Up workout a few times (usually in combination with something else, but it’d be great on it’s own too), and I really love it! If you’re looking for an at-home workout (you can run outside if you don’t have a treadmill) that provides a good burn, check it out!

What are you up to this weekend? Hopefully something June-y. ;)

5 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. absolutely ayurveda says:

    that strawberry tarte looks the bomb! (sorry, i have been wanting to call something “the bomb” all week..)

    and about that ban… i think it is a (tinsy-tiny) step forward, but as you mentioned the diet stuff is WAAAAYYYYY worse for you than sugar! so many cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives and hormone-disruptors in that crap. blegh.

    have a wonderful weekend, friend :)

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