WIAW+WIWW: Mini-Detox Addition/Workout Update

Time for another exciting rendition of What I Ate Wednesday! I decided to do my own mix n’ match mini-detox this week. Being a fairly clean eater, I don’t feel like I have a ton to detox from anymore, so I’m not rushing to do an intense 3-week cleanse again anytime soon, especially since I had some mixed results the last time I did it. What I am interested in is reminding myself of a few things:

1. I don’t need dessert every night (even if it’s refined sugar-free and healthy, I don’t like feeling like a slave to my sweet tooth after dinner).

2. I can plan ahead enough so as to eat something other than bars at the coffee shop (I know I just did a big post about this, but I admitted that bars aren’t an ideal snack all the time).

3. I can practice eating more during the day, so as to give my body a break at the end of the day with a much lighter meal. (Usually it’s reverse for me. Snack through the day, big dinner).

So this week is about recharging and eating 100% “clean,” as opposed to the 90% clean eating I usually do. Just a little kick-start to summer!

My morning started as it usually does: Cup of hot water with lemon and 1 T apple cider vinegar. I drink this slowly while I plan my workout for the day, check email, and post to the blog.

After my HIIT and strength workout (see below), I had a half serving of this berry grapefruit smoothie, which is a combo of the Whole Living cleanse smoothie mixed with the Rebel Grrl Kitchen grapefruit smoothie. I will post this recipe soon-it’s a winner!

Then it was off to yoga. 60 minutes, hot power vinyasa flow. Totally wonderful, AND I beat my personal best time for holding headstand! After yoga, I drank the other half of the smoothie and did some gentle biking on the stationary bike for about 15 minutes.

During cleanses, my lunches look a lot more traditional than usual. I actually have a proper mid-day meal. For the past two days I threw the following in a (big) bowl: arugula, kale, hemp seeds, 1/2 avocado, nutritional yeast, sprouts, white balsamic vinegar. This salad tastes amazing. AMAZING!

Followed by a peach (posing next to my food journal):

I packed a small apple (sliced) and about 1.5 T almond butter (+cinnamon, of course) for my late afternoon snack at the coffee shop:

Dinner was a version of the Whole Living Cleanse soup, but a friend said it was not very tasty when she made it, so I altered it a bit. I added chickpea miso and cayenne.  I think it helped, although it does still taste like a somewhat bland detox soup:

Even after only two days of this menu, I feel lighter and cleaner. Hooray for a mini-detox that allows you to eat actual food!

In workout news, I think I’m going to make a new Fitness tab to track my activity, but until that’s up, here’s a look at my week thus far:

Sunday: active rest day; 3-5 miles walking in Chicago.

Monday: (AM) Amanda Russel 24 minute cardio blast + Tone It Up’s Under the Sea Workout (3x) + TIU’s Itty Bitty Bikini Workout +Physique 57 arms (2x). (PM) Vinyasa flow class.

Tuesday: Amanda Russel Metobalic Meltdown Workout (2x; killer!) + Tone It Up’s Sea Shells Workout + 3 min. plank. Vinyasa flow class. 15 minutes biking.

Wednesday: my plan was to do a  HIIT run (3.5 miles, sprint/jog, alternating every minute) + abs, but it’s rainy this morning, so I may do my fave Turbo Jam dvd. We’ll see!

Not surprisingly, because of the detox, my energy levels are a bit lower than usual. I know this for sure because my beloved ZWOW workouts have seemed like too much effort! Don’t worry Zuzana, I’ll be back to ZWOWing next week! :)

How were your eats yesterday? How have your workouts been this week?

4 thoughts on “WIAW+WIWW: Mini-Detox Addition/Workout Update

  1. mindrunningwild says:

    You’re so right about the dessert thing. It’s nice to know that you can tune into your body and see whether you really want it!
    I’m really into online workout videos and pinterest tabata workouts, since I have no gym membership. They are easy and you can do them in your room!

    • raechel says:

      Ooo, pinterest tabata, that sounds great! And I obviously love at-home workouts too! These Youtube trainers are life-savers!

      Dessert is my biggest issue! That’s why my clean eating is 90% rather than 100%! I find it really helpful to use these mini-detoxes as evidence that I don’t have a full-blown addiction! : )

  2. Gabby @ the veggie nook says:

    I am always struggling with dessert, I hate feeling like I need to have it, but always end up doing. It’s not a big thing because I eat really healthy desserts, but it’s still irritating to be a slave to me sweet tooth! Good for you for getting a handle on it.

    That smoothie sounds so good! I’m not a big grapefruit person, but would love to be able to include it in my diet, so I look forward to the recipe!

    • raechel says:

      I didn’t used to be a grapefruit person either, but now I’m obsessed!

      And I wish I could say that I’m able to liberate myself from sweet-tooth slavedom when I’m not doing an intentional cleanse/detox, but unless I have declared an official break from it, I have it almost every night! Like you, it’s always healthy, so my partner suggested I start referring to it as a “snack.” Makes it sound better, and it’s accurate!

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