Protest Fuel! (Or: “A-political road trip food”)

Hi gang! Sorry for the late post! My schedule is a bit thrown off because I spent yesterday in Chicago doing this:

Now, I hesitated as to whether or not to share with you all one of the more explicitly political components of my life (being an anti-war, anti-capitalist Lefty activist), because one Rule of Food Blogging 101 is to not be too controversial/political. But a conflicting Rule of Food Blogging 101 is to be yourself. Be sincere. Be honest, let your voice shine through.

And it would be deceptive of me to pretend that a huge part of my life isn’t about trying to make the world a better place through political and social struggle! So, there you have it readers! Real Talk, from me to you!

That being said, if you don’t agree with my politics, or if you don’t have any interest in reading about them, I urge you to look at this post as “Tips for A-Political Road Trip Food.” So from this point on, close your eyes during the pictures, and pretend that when I say anything about “the NATO protest” that I’m actually saying “day of sightseeing in Chicago” (and ignore the paragraph after this one). ;)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is comprised of 28 countries that work together to make decisions about military interventions and occupations around the world. These decisions have historically (and presently) benefited not only the wealthier nations in the world, but, more specifically, the wealthiest elite of those nations. Defense budgets sore, while “Third World” nations get destroyed, and the gap between the rich and poor in “First World” nations grows larger. They had their meeting in Chicago this year, so lots of social justice and anti-war groups organized in response. Read more here about why we (an estimated 10,000+ of us!) protested.

::End Political Talk::

Mike and I took an overnight bus to Chicago to join the rally and march. Therefore, I needed to plan food to get us through a whole day of traveling that included lots of walking and outdoor activity. I needed meals and snacks that were conducive to this environment:

Tom Morello playing right on the asphalt in the midst of the crowd “where music and revolution were meant to be made.”

WAMM (Women Against Military Madness)

Riot cops.

What to bring for fuel, then? I decided on this:

This bag-able day of food consisted of:

Breakfast: brown rice wrap with almond butter and banana slices.

Lunch/Snack: (eaten throughout the rally and march) Dried mango and almonds.

Dinner: (eaten on bus) brown rice wrap with arugula, kale, & sprouts.+ AmazingGrass bar. (Thanks to my kindred spirit at Absolutely Ayurveda for bringing the bar into my consciousness…Never saw them at Whole Foods until you made the comment, then, poof! they appeared!)

Plus: Green tea from a nearby coffee shop in the AM. And as much water as I could get a hold of throughout the day!

How did I fare? Not bad, overall. I did start to feel faint by the end of the march, but I think that was due more to the heat and probably some minor dehydration. I also think I should have brought fresh fruit instead of the dried mango, but dried mango is so delicious and such a treat, I think it was my “fun road trip food” splurge!

I also considered this my “active rest day.” Usually I do a Vinyasa Flow class on my “rest day,” but I thought a 3 mile march, plus leisurely walking before and after would be acceptable. Honestly, it wiped me out, so I took it a bit easier with my workout this morning.

I apologize if this post didn’t meet your expectations! But here’s what you have to look forward to this week:

-Quick, Simple, Delicious & Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipe!

-WIAW with a look at my version of Whole Livings mini-cleanse (mixed with Amanda Russel’s 5 Day Beach Body Plan) + “What I Worked Wednesday” exercise review

-Friday Five!

Stay tuned!

Did you hear anything about the NATO protests? What kind of road-trip food do you pack for trips? Do you forgive me for breaking Rules for Food Blogging 101, and honoring another Rules for Food Blogging 101? (I hope so! :))

2 thoughts on “Protest Fuel! (Or: “A-political road trip food”)

  1. absolutely ayurveda says:

    so happy you had a great time at the protest…wish we had been there too!

    and about blogging… i always appreciate it when folks are honest, open and transparent about themselves and their lives. not sharing who we really are ultimately hurts our communities by perpetuating invisibility. so right on, fellow radical, health-nut, food-blogger!

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