I’m Back! Just in time for WIAW!

Dearest readers. Thank you for being so understanding about my absence! Well, actually, I’ll thank you after I post this to make sure ya’ll are still going to return to read me. :)

These past two weeks have been difficult, but also so very special. The weekend spent home with family celebrating my grandfather’s life was everything it should have been—-and exactly what he would have wanted.

I have a lot of exciting things in store for the blog, including a Mother’s Day recipe post (hint: I was inspired by my elementary school’s tradition of hosting “Muffins for Moms” every May)!

But for today, we’ll keep it simple. A “What I Ate” and “What I Worked” Wednesday. A moi pour toi. Thanks to Peas&Crayons for hosting!

Peas and Crayons

Day started off as usual: a cup of hot water with lemon, and 1 T apple cider vinegar (good for skin and digestion).

Then it was my 45 minutes of HIIT/strength/cardio. I did ZWOW #16, an Amanda Russel workout, and the Tone It Up 100 Tummy Tuck Challenge. It burned so good!

After that, I tried to feed my muscles with a small carb/protein combo: 1/3 c green juice (spinach, apple, lemon) + 2 dates, 4 almonds (not pictured). I am trying hard to get better about eating more in the AM, right after my most intense workout. I have a habit of waiting to eat anything substantial until after yoga/daily house-cleaning/shower. That means my muscles are officially checked out of that burn mode, and are usually starving for nutrients.

(recycled pic)

So, following this snack, I went straight to my 60-minute Vinyasa flow class. I love yoga so much, and this cute thing happened, which made it all the better.

My late breakfast/early lunch was my grapefruit smoothie with the addition of spinach. I promise you, spinach can go in almost ANYTHING! In addition, I had a banana with two dollops of almond butter, and obvs, tons of cinnamon.

no one ever said clean eating was pretty.

During my coffee shop working, I tried my first Simply Bar! I am stoked to say I (finally!) won a blog contest, and six of these bars were my prize! And this wasn’t any ordinary contest with a random lottery; no, One Green Planet decided winners based on the creativity of answers to the question “What do you look for in a protein bar?” My response was charming and clever enough to win (if I do say so myself), which thrilled me, because I’ve been wanting to try these forever, but never saw them in any local stores. I’ll do a more thorough review on an upcoming “bar” post, but I will say now that for only 150 calories, only 3 g sugar, and a whopping 16 g protein, this bar is almost perfect. (Edit: I had two of these. They were that good, and, as you can see, I’m a snacker not a big-lunch-er, so this didn’t seem inappropriate).

Afternoon snack #2, not pictured: a few handfuls of unsweetened dried apples (oh my yum).

Dinner was my favorite soup from the CLEAN recipe book: chickpea miso veggie soup! This bowl tastes like pure health. Pure magic health. So good! (Note: for some reason, I don’t talk about adding sprouts and sesame oil in the original post. These two toppings make this dish, so make sure to add them if you make this!).

And Mike and I love nights that I bake stuff for events or gifts, because it means we get to taste-test the creations! As alluded to above, some muffin recipes are coming your way. We each had one of these delicious beauties (and I may or may not have licked batter from the spoon):

Can you guess what kind they are?

In addition I drank a small pot of green tea, and as much water as I could (drinking more water is a goal of mine). Overall, this wasn’t the best day of eats (could have had more greens, something better than bars and dried fruit during the afternoon), but not the worst either.

How were your eats yesterday? Your workout(s)? (Tell me below! I’ve missed you!)

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