Happy Monday, readers. If you’re a regular follower, you’re probably expecting to see a recipe today, as I have yet to go a Monday without providing something delicious for you. Unfortunately, due to traveling, and also a personal matter, I was unable to get something together in time.

Between playing catch up, and being attentive to the situation that’s recently come up—(I’m sorry to be so cryptic about this, but as unabashed and self-disclosing as bloggers tend to be, some things aren’t meant for the internet)— I’m afraid I won’t be able to post again until Friday. That being said, get ready for a 3-in-1 post, including the normal Friday Five, a recipe, AND….a GIVEAWAY! WordPress informed me on Friday that I had hit my 100th Rebel Grrl Kitchen post and I had always promised myself that I’d do a giveaway for that occasion. So please stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

I can’t sign off without at least giving you a little sumin’ sumin’ (I love when people say that :)), so here’s one of my all time favorite songs, by one of my all time favorite bands, from their ‘spring’ album–(I can’t mix music with different seasons if I’ve engrained an album in my memory as corresponding with a particular time of year; I listened to this album non-stop in the spring of 2007, and it’s now on my yearly spring rotation!):

2 thoughts on “updates.

  1. Carrie says:

    Every October during our local “craft fair season” I listen to the CD from “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou” over & over.

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