Friday Five!

Happy Friday, friends! Here are some things that have tickled my fancy this week:

1. Food Combining

I’ve read about food combining—the theory that certain foods, when eaten together, can help or hinder optimal digestion—but have never really actively practiced it. It rejects some long-loved combos like rice and beans, and fruit pies, for example, but believers swear it’s the key to maintaining a healthy, non-bloated tummy. This week, Sarah from My New Roots, posted tons of information and some gorgeous, easy-to-follow charts on what foods are best and worst bed fellows.

What are your thoughts on food combining?

2. “Foodistan”

Have you heard about this? There’s an Indian cooking show that sets up Indian chefs against Pakistani chefs, which, as the host of the show stated, takes their “rivalry to a whole new arena.” What do you think about this? Is this making light of a very serious history of war and political turmoil? Or is this offering a real way to build bridges between the two nations?

3. Everything-Cookies

I loved this recipe Laura posted on her (always-lovely) blog, The First Mess. This gluten-free, coconut-sugar-sweetened treat calls for 2.5 c “add ins” (she used dried cherries, walnuts, and chocolate chips). What a liberating direction to find in a recipe, right?! It reminds me of those “choose your own adventure” stories from the late 80s. Just pick some stuff from your pantry, and get creative. And I know I am always looking for ways to add creativity into the daily grind!

4. Bunk Takes on Food Deserts in NOLA

If you know me, you know that I hate driving. Like, a lot. I avoid it at all costs. Public Transiting > Bicycling > Walking > Driving. However, when I find myself in situations that require my presence behind the wheel, I can always count on NPR to get me through the drive (#stuffyuppiessay, i know i know i know). When I found myself in the car this week, I heard a voice that sounded like Wendell Pierce, the man who plays Bunk on The Wire, a show I am finally getting around to watching. But this man wasn’t talking about The Wire….

“That sounds like Bunk!” I exclaimed out loud to myself, then listened some more, “….That sounds like Bunk talking about food justice issues in New Orleans!”

Turns out, it was indeed Bunk (Pierce) talking about  a chain of grocery stores he co-founded in NOLA. Pierce is also on the HBO series Treme, which takes place there (and is also Pierce’s hometown), and he decided he wanted to be actively involved in the rebuilding efforts.  Pierce has some interesting insights about disparity and food and community. Worth a listen (or you can read the transcript), especially if you’re a fan of either of those shows!

5. The Hunger Games

So, this isn’t that far of a stretch to include a trailer for The Hunger Games, which opens TODAY!, on the blog. Not only is “hunger” in the title (a [lack of] food reference), but the book is actually full of descriptions of meals, not dissimilar to what you might find on a food blog! Katniss’ accounts of some of those Capitol dinners make my mouth water.

So that’s my justification. But really, I’m just actually legit excited about this, and wanted an excuse to play the trailer. This is a surprise to me, as I tend to NOT be into any sort of fantasy-esque novels, but I got hooked! I only just started the second book, so no spoilers plz!, but I’m really stoked for the first installment on film!

Have you read the series? Are you planning on seeing it this weekend?

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. absolutely ayurveda says:

    those everything cookies look AMAZING! and as for the food combining, although there are rules for food combination in Ayurveda (like no fruit and yogurt together), the whole food combining as a diet by itself has never made sense to me. i read a book or two on it and although a few things made sense (eat fruit by itself, chew your food, etc.) it didn’t seem well thought out…like how can you talk about foods combining properly if you are going to be advocating eating animal products – and eating them with other things at that!

    ok, my rant about food combining is over :)

    also, we are going to see hunger games today! so excited! (even though there was some SERIOUS whitewashing in the film version and my more-id-politico former self would have probably boycotted seeing the film :) )

    • raechel says:

      I think I’m with you on the food combining!

      I’ve heard the critique about the whitewashing, but I just finished the first book and can’t remember any place when Katniss is described as non-white. Is that the character you’re referring to? Even though, as we’ve discussed before, we’re not as invested in the ID-politics stuff, I’d still, ya know, whine about it a bit! But I honestly don’t remember moments in book one that racialize them in a particular way?

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