What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, readers! I was once again stoked to see that Peas and Crayons’ “WIAW” had a theme-appropriate logo, and was eager to participate for this St. Patty’s Day Week:

Admittedly, I could have made some green-heavier choices, but I think there is at least some green veggie in every meal minus my oats (which I guess is…lunch?…you may have noticed I’m more of a grazer than a meal-eater before dinner).

First, green juice after a ZWOW workout +Amanda Russell workout + 4 min (!!!) plank, and before yoga.

recycled pic because it always looks the same.

Afterwards, as usual, some over-night steel cut oats, heated up with berries, protein powder, almond butter, and tons of cinnamon. This photo isn’t awesome, but it captures the gorgeous spring sunlight that’s been showering Minneapolis the past few days:

My snack for the coffee shop where I work was this Vega energy bar that is full of green sprouted things, and two carrots:

After working hard on dissertation stuff, I came home and I had a few slices of dried mango while reading The Hunger Games (anyone else reading this?). Didn’t snap a photo, but dried mango is the bomb, for real.

Dinner was a bit of a spring-break splurge. I usually avoid soy, but this tempeh/cauliflower dish from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day sounded delicious. There was nothing green in the recipe, so I served it over a bed of spinach.

As for dessert, I really wanted to come up with an original recipe for St. Patty’s Day, but I had some failed attempts, and was intrigued by a spinach-filled brownie bite I found at One Green Planet. The recipe didn’t fail me. It tasted like fudge, and, as it tends to do in smoothies, the spinach hides well. So I may not have invented the recipe, but I did invent this cute way to serve the treats. It’s a shamrock! Adorbs, right?

What green things are you enjoying this week?

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