Friday Five

Bloggers love lists. Bloggers love alliteration. And lists that are alliterative? SIGN.ME.UP.

To respect the love, I decided to start a new series called “Friday Five.” I’ll post five things that have inspired me, got me thinking, made me laugh, whatever…I’ll try to keep it food/food politics/health-related, but it’s possible a few randoms will pop in here and there.

So without further ado, here’s this weeks Friday Five!

1. Superbowl Stuff: I didn’t post any Superbowl theme’d recipes for you because I am not a disciplined enough blogger yet to make things in advance. I will be making food for the Superbowl party I’ll be attending, but that probably won’t happen until tomorrow or Sunday before the game. With that #bloggerfail acknowledged, I offer you some great links for football-watching snack ideas:

*Peas and Thank You Superbowl Snacks (she provides 25 awesome recipes!)

*Oh She Glows Bean Dip

*Pure2Raw Sweet Potato Guacamole!

I’m excited for the game this year because it’s only after watching Friday Night Lights that I think I may actually have a clue about how the sport works. I usually only watch to critique the commercials and make cute theme-appropriate food, but as long as someone can be like, “So, remember when Smash had to gain yards? Yeah, that’s what’s happening now.” Or “That person is the same position as Tim Riggins.” I’ll be set!

Also, consider participating in the “Change the Channel for Chimps” campaign. Anytime there’s a Superbowl commercial on that has a real chimp, change the channel in protest.

Also, think about the labor behind making the Superbowl happen. Here’s a great interview about the anti-union laws in Indiana on Democracy Now!

2. Green Juice/Smoothie Debates: The blogosphere was on fire this week with drama. Lindsay at the Happy Herbivore posted about her decision to stop drinking green smoothies and her commenters went crazy. Gena at Choosing Raw wrote about green juice and recommended eating food with it, which contrasts Kris Carr’s advice to drink it alone. It’s sad that an interesting and important debate turned into “yelling” (“ALL CAPS!” and swear words!) on someone’s comment page. I am grateful for all three of those wonderful ladies who share their thoughts and recipes and hope the healthy blogworld can be a space to challenge ourselves with new information rather than fight about stuff.

What are your thoughts on green juices and smoothies?

3. Response to Nigella Lawson and Gillan McKeith meme: Speaking of Gena, she wrote a great response to the misogynist meme that’s going around comparing Nigella Lawson to Gillian McKeith.

Another thing that’s important to note—-something I learned from some friends that were commenting about it on my FB post—-is that Nigella comes from wealth, whereas Gillian grew up in a working class family. We embody our class, folks. There’s no two ways about it.

4. Zuzana’s New Workouts: Some of you probably followed Zuzana on Bodyrock and know she is no longer with that site. Fortunately she has new videos for us, and so far both of the videos she’s posted have kicked my butt! I love her and these workouts sooo much! I’ve been doing a Zuzana video + an Amanda Russell video every day before yoga. By the time I’m done with my 1 hour Vinyasa Flow 2 class, I sort of feel like this R. Kelly song.

5. Summer Vegan Cooking/Food Politics Class: Are you friends with The Rebel Grrl Kitchen on facebook? If so, you’ve probably already seen this. If not, you totally should be! But you’re lucky because I’m going to re-post this here. Basically a great friend of mine from Chicago asked me to co-teach a class on Veganism for a summer school program being run by the high school where she teaches. We made this promo video and I think it’s just lovely (and all of the credit must go to Emily who edited this cuteness).


scratch that. apparently it costs $50 to embed video on the blog?!?!?! wtf?! any bloggers out there have any advice on how to embed a video without breaking my bank? (I’m looking at you, Absolutely Ayurveda!)

Lucky for you you can still see the video if you friend The Rebel Grrl Kitchen on FB! Or go to Emily’s blog; she managed to upload it. (Em, how’d you do it?)

5 [redux]. Bryant Terry: This is another thing you may have seen on my FB, but in case you missed it be sure to catch up on these two awesome interviews with Bryant Terry. He talks about race, class, and veganism in a more legit way than any other famous vegan out there.

(And I once again have to give a shout out to the gal behind Bad Photos of Good Dogs for introducing me to BT!)

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. absolutely ayurveda says:

    oh lady, i love this new series and can’t wait to read more of them in the future!

    re: embedding the videos, here is what you do:

    make sure you have the long link version of the youtube (or vimeo) video. it should be the URL link, not the embed link.

    then, when making a post you type this in the normal text box on its own line:

    make sure the link also has http:// in front of it. that should do it!

    • raechel says:

      thanks! I think the problem is that emily sent it to me through google docs, so there was never a youtube version. but someday i’ll do a video post, so i’m glad i have this how-to. : )

  2. absolutely ayurveda says:

    oh! and re: the green juice/smoothie deal…

    smoothies (green or not) are not recommended in Ayurveda for many reasons (including what cold food/drink does to your digestion) but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them from time to time! i have been planning on writing a post about it and hopefully i will do it soon :)

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