Day 10 & 11 “Real Talk”

Good morning, readers. Usually I end that sentence with an exclamation point, but I have to tell you that I’ve hit a rough spot with the cleanse. This happens to most people–a lot of folks say it’s the “Week 2 Slump.” Well, I’m there. Not only am I starting to really miss eating normal dinners, but I’ve had some highly unpleasant side-effects, including feeling sore, lethargic, and (forgive me if this is TMI, but I want to keep it real with you all), but I started my period a week early, despite the fact that I’m on the pill. I read about this to discover that it’s quite common for some people to experience this, since menstruation is a form of detoxing too, and sometimes the cleanse just invites it to come sooner. Just be warned that if you do something like this, you may experience some intense body changes.

Yesterday, Mike gave me my first official boxing lesson! To prep for what I would soon discover is one of the most intense workouts imaginable, I had a smoothie instead of juice. I altered my Berry Green Smoothie recipe to make it clean by taking out the banana and adding Raw Protein powder.

Our boxing and circuit training session was AMAZING! It kicked my butt and I’m still sore today. I realize this probably didn’t help my detox symptoms, but I read a lot of places that amping up the workouts in week 2 is okay. I’m taking an active rest-day today, and just doing a yoga class.

my hunk. in an angela davis shirt. swooooon.

After that, in honor of MLK Day, Mike and I and two of our friends went to the 1968 exhibit at the history museum. It was a fun time, but as suspected the curators were less interested in the reality of radical history, and more interested in silly clothes from the 60s. Still, it was a fun morning, and we went to lunch at Mill Valley Kitchen afterwards. MVK is known for having a healthy menu (and kombucha on tap!) so I knew I’d find something there. I got a side of gingered quinoa with shitake mushrooms and a side of roasted vegetables. Unfortunately, the veggies had some potatoes in them, which aren’t Clean; I gave some of them away, but did eat a few. I was hungry. #cleanfail.

For dinner, I brought back the Carrot Cake Buckwheat Smoothie, but made modifications to make it clean. No banana + lucuma powder. Also used 1/2 a baked apple instead of apple sauce. Pretty satisfying, even being in a cranky mood, which hit right after we got home from lunch.

Today I charge on to Day 11, and also charge back to work! School starts today, and I’m back to teaching Media Literacy, and also TAing for an Interpersonal Communication course. I love teaching, so I’m not dreading this, but I am sad to see vacation end.

Hope you’re all having a great day!

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