Week 1 Overview/Recipes: Variations on a Theme

Hello! I’m pleased to report that it’s Day 9 of my cleanse, and I’ve managed to get through my second weekend of social events and stayed totally clean! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been rather lazy about picture taking, but I want to highlight a few of the meals I’ve had, especially since they show how easy it is to be resourceful on this cleanse. I’ve been re-using the same ingredients to create wonderful varieties.

Well, variety in everything, except my standard green juice. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.I have this every AM.

For lunch, I’ve been working with basic ingredients: dark leafy greens, beans, and squash.Remember the squash + collards + white beans dish from this week? I was out of white beans, so I pumped up the protein with nutritional yeast, and ate the remaining 1/2 a squash for a tremendously satisfying meal.

And because today is grocery-shopping day, I was really scrounging for stuff to make for lunch. Fortunately, I’m always stocked with beans and green veggies, and thus was born the quick and easy chick pea + greens tahini bowl.

I also made more of the cabbage/kale salad for a party I went to (where I sipped green juice), and ate the left-overs for a lunch.

Dinner has been a couple nights of a greens + cauliflower soup I got from the January issue of Martha Stewart Living (yes, I’m a subscriber, lay off), and a very quickly thrown together pumpkin “soup” I made by heating 1/2 can pureed pumpkin, with about 1/2 c almond milk, dollop almond butter, and cinnamon. It’s…okay. Sorry to have be all #bloggerpicturetakingfail on you for those.

Snacks are usually apples and almond butter, but being out on the weekend meant I grabbed an Apple Pie Larabar, which is Clean, but not my favorite choice since it’s pretty high in (natural) sugar.

clean, but only in moderation!

I haven’t officially compiled my grocery list for this week, but I’ll be excited to change it up a bit, since it really has been “variations on a theme” all week.

Anyone end up doing some form of the cleanse last week? Anyone thinking about it this week?

4 thoughts on “Week 1 Overview/Recipes: Variations on a Theme

  1. Katie says:

    My holistic doc invited me to do the paleo diet as a cleanse from my caffeine, corn, and soy heavy grad school lifestyle. 3 days in and I’m happy with so much energy! Is it the whole, organic food? The probiotics? The fish oil? I wonder how re-incorporating some seafood into my diet after a year vegan will work, but so far so good. It’s not truly a cleanse but is a major improvement. PS If i could make a yummy green juice, I’d be enjoying those more often. For some reason, mine are usually too pulpy. Thanks for sharing your 2012 cleanse updates!

    • rebelgrrlacademy says:

      I know people really love the paleo diet! You should check out http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/, as she follows paleo guidelines. I’m glad it’s working for you! And regarding the green juice, I used to have the pulp problem too, until my awesome partner got me a juicer upgrade for xmas. What kind of juicer do you have? I think masticating juicers really make a difference!

  2. Robyn Field says:

    Love your posts – used to love larabars too but they are now owned by General Mills some ingredients have changed and they will no longer say that they are raw ingredients. Just seems like most fab products when bought by the big boys the integrity of the product and all the good reasons we loved them goes out the window! (Don’t they care?) :-( I now by revolutionary raw – which so far as I know is still what they say they are…I love the spirulina yum! Thanks for your blog…so happy to have found you! xo

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