Cleanse Day 3. Cleanse Wisdom. Raw Protein Balls.

Good morning! Also…hungry morning. I want to be 100% honest with you all as I go through this 21 day detox, and so admitting when it’s not working is part of that. But it’s not Dr. J’s fault (Dr. J is the man behind the CLEAN program)! It’s my fault because I’m stubborn!

See, Dr. J suggests that you do only light exercise throughout the cleanse. That probably doesn’t mean 40 minutes of strength training followed by 20 minutes of yoga. But as I mentioned before, this is one of the biggest challenges for me, and so 40 minutes of strength training followed by 20 minutes of yoga is exactly what I did yesterday. Now, I tried to prep for this by having a smoothie instead of juice for breakfast. It wasn’t a hearty smoothie (berries, almond milk, a dash of flax seed, and spinach–didn’t take a pic, sorry!), but certainly more than juice would be. I made it through the workout fine (not as much energy as usual), but by lunch time I was sooo hungry.

I ate the leftovers from the salad I made yesterday:

…but I was still hungry. So I ate 1/2 an avocado. Yum!

….but a few hours later, I was still hungry.

So I made these nifty little protein balls (recipe below), and proceeded to devour about five of them, popping the last one in my mouth at 5pm.

I stopped being hungry! I was so full of healthy fats and proteins that I decided a soup would be too much for dinner, and made green juice instead. Green juice for dinner! Delicious? YES! Filling? Not even close.

My tummy was grumbling when I went to bed, so you can imagine how I felt this morning. SO HUNGRY! Almost painfully hungry. :/

 Lessons learned:

1) Get over yourself and just take it easy on the exercise while you’re cleansing!

2) Juice is not dinner. (well, it can be dinner, but not if you plan to do even mild exercise).

Of course, it’s important to remember that every body is different! Maybe you can do juice for dinner and exercise and not feel totally weak and awful, but all I can do is share my experience. So take it or leave it. :)

Before I go make a smoothie to fill up this empty stomach, I want to share the SIMPLE protein ball recipe. All you need is:

*1 T of your favorite (soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan) protein powder (I use Garden of Life RAW powder)

*3/4 c Almonds (or an almond/walnut mix)


*pinch of stevia (optional)

*unsweetened coconut for garnish (optional)

Put your almonds in a food processor and mix until they become almost almond butter consistency (this will be several minutes). Add your protein powder, stevia and cinnamon and blend until they’re all mixed. Roll into balls and put in your freezer when a snacking urge strikes!

These are great treats, and I definitely prefer them to any sort of date ball while I’m on the cleanse. Although date/nut balls are technically “clean,” dates are soo sugary, so I try to avoid them while detoxing.

In other news, I’m still looking for more questions for the Q&A post…Send ’em my way!

I’m submitting this to Wellness Weekend and Healthy Vegan Friday!

12 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 3. Cleanse Wisdom. Raw Protein Balls.

  1. absolutely ayurveda says:

    Oh friend, I totally feel you about the unending hunger days!
    And I know how hard it is to turn down the exercising a notch, but it is soooooo important, just as important as what you are/aren’t eating! The thing is, when you are exercising even moderately during a cleanse, the circulation, energy and blood flow in your body rushes to the areas that are being worked – leaving your digestion + detoxification systems high and dry! Light exercise is great, since it activates the lympatic system + encourages detoxification but try not to overdo it, otherwise your digestion system (and all the organs that are involved) won’t have a chance to really cleanse + reboot for the season!


  2. Lou says:

    Yummo…. I agree, dates are SO sugary, so not that great while cleansing (especially for me with the Candida issue!) these little snacky snacks sound great, I will have to try this week when I get some more protein powder :)

    I reckon just stick to yoga while cleansing… strength training is too intense (for me) and needs so much more fuel/recovery, you know?

    Sounds like you are doing well…. I HATE feeling hungry though, I can never sleep with an empty stomach…. I’m a late night snacker for sure ;)

  3. Wenchypoo says:

    Another lesson you should have learned is that protein and fat satiate hunger, while all that sugar (even through carbs) makes you repeatedly hungry–this is why Chinese food makes you hungry an hour after you’ve eaten all that rice! Lay off the carbs, and boost your protein and fat to lose weight and that repeated hunger feeling.

  4. Sandra (@CandidaDietTips) says:

    Wow, those protein balls look delish!!! I totally know where you are coming from with the hunger pangs after workout… I did a semi candida cleanse last week and got tempted into going to an insanity workout session, my-oh-my – well that was my excuse anyway for devouring a bowl of brown rice with coconut oil, hummus and salad afterwards ;-)
    Ps: Love your blog Rrrrebel Girl – Go go go!
    Take care,

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