Cleanse Prep + New 2012 Workout

Hey readers! I hope you had a wonderful, safe time bringing in 2012! I am STILL in the midst of my travels, which means a few things: a) I’m tired. Blah. So tired of suitcases/trains/planes/automobiles. b) I’m happy. To see people that I love all across the country. How lucky am I to be able to afford (barely, but I make it work) these trips, and have so many people that I want to visit? Very lucky. c) Detox is not starting until January 8th. Le sigh.

“Le sigh” because I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS CLEANSE! Honestly, readers, I feel SO good while I’m on it. As Chris Traeger from “Parks and Recreation” notes, “Anytime I’m on a cleanse, I can literally feel the toxins leaving my body.” So true!

And CLEAN is not a deprivation diet—-I lasted a day and a half on the “master cleanse.” Fuck that shit. Er, I mean, “Boo hiss to non-nutritious liquid diets.” But HOORAY for a cleanse that encourages eating real food, doesn’t restrict calories, and really focuses on ridding your system of nasty stuff that slows us down more than we realize.

I want to give you a little overview of the Clean Plan that I follow so that when I do start posting my meals, you’ll understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. I strongly recommend that everyone read CLEAN: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by Alejandro Junger and/or Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. These are the books that truly changed my life. (Obvs, I am not being paid or sponsored by either of these folks, so this is just all just my honest opinion). The staples of the cleanse are as follows:

*21 days

*Follow elimination diet, which means NO: alcohol, sugar (this means no maple syrup or agave too), gluten, nightshades, sugary fruits (bananas, oranges, strawberries), most meat (obvs, for me, i don’t eat any meat, but i think he lets folks eat fish), soy, potatoes, dairy, eggs, white rice, wheat, and caffeine.

*Follow a liquid/solid/liquid meal plan, meaning your only solid food should be at lunch time. Liquid meals can be: juice, soup (pureed), smoothies. I have learned so many amazing recipes for these things, so don’t for a second think that this gets boring!

In addition to these fundamentals, Dr. J encourages other detox activities, like dry brushing, oil pulling, a supplement regiment, and light exercise. I tend to have a problem with the exercise part, because I don’t want to do LIGHT exercise, I want to do my normal kick-butt super HARD exercise. I’m going to try to just do yoga the first week, but I’m not sure I’ll survive without at least one Jillian DVD! We’ll see.

Anyway, throughout the three weeks, I’ll post my meals, explain how my body feels, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

I’m also stoked to announce a new addition to my workout routine (after I take my light break during week 1 of the cleanse):


Mike is going to teach me how to cardio box! Yahoooo! I’m kinda pumped ’cause I think it might get me “boxer abs.” I don’t want to spar or anything, but it seems like a great workout, even if you’re just hitting mitts. Report backs to follow!

Do you have any cleanse plans? New workout plans for the new year?

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