Citrus & Clove Holiday Decoration (DIY!)

I grew up crafting. For as long as I can remember, my mom always encouraged me to make presents instead of buy them–which, of course, was helpful for  a child who didn’t have an income! But my family came to expect my homemade treasures: from clay pots, to woven baskets, collage poems, and calendars. If I was stumped what to make for a Christmas present, I knew I could always fall back on some type of homemade ornament or decoration. This is one of the first Christmas crafts I remember making (er, watching my mom make), but I hadn’t revisited it my entire adult life.

I didn’t have any formal how-to guide, but in my mind, it didn’t seem that complicated. Get some oranges, get some cloves, go to town.

And it really was as simple as that!

So here’s what you’ll need:

some oranges (i used two)

some cloves  (i had a jar)

Now just decide what kind of design you want to do. I made a heart and a snowflake, but I was tempted to turn that snow flake into a hammer and sickle for Mike, and put an “A” in the heart for me. (If you don’t get that reference, don’t worry about it, but for those of you that do, it’d be cute, right? ;)).

A warning: if you have sensitive hands, I might recommend wearing gloves. The cloves can be kind of sharp!

They smell great too! Happy crafting! :)

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