Excuses, Excuses: A Busy Weekend and Sneak Peaks

Hi readers! I don’t have a recipe post for you today. I do, however, have a good reason for not getting one to you. You see, this weekend I got to visit with a dear friend from Chicago who I hadn’t seen in far too long. We spent the weekend dancing, laughing, and catching up, and it was lovely! And on Sunday night, Mike and I had our friends over for a night of holiday fun, which included: taking pics of me, Mike and the baby cat for our xmas card this year; watching “Elf” (“SANTAAA! I know him! I know him!”); and enjoying my first batch of assorted Christmas cookies. I was simply having too much fun to pull anything together for a legit post.

I’ll give you a little pictoral overview of all those events, but rest assured you’ll see some of these images again since posts to come this week include:

  • Holiday cookie recipes: Part I
  • DIY Holiday decorations
  • …and more! : )

So without further ado, enjoy these festive snapshots:

The Midtown Global Market is a wonderful place to eat and shop in Minneapolis, and this year it was host to the No Coast Craft o Rama! We had so much fun looking at  all the neat local, handmade work!

cute screen printed lunch bags!

these adorable cat pillows and cat nip cassette tapes won me over.

We ate at a yummy Indian restaurant down the street from my apartment. I think I was too hungry to actually take a picture before we finished eating, but it was delicious, I promise.

We then went to my friend Eli’s for a “lesbianic cake party”, a tradition I have with some of my queer friends that involves watching films about lesbians and eating baked goods he makes for us. He’s a *wonderful* vegan baker. See?

pumpkin cheesecake from the new Isa Chandra Moskowitz book

And Sunday was loads of Christmas decorating, cookie baking, and general merriment. <3

my first live christmas tree in years!

I’m excited to do a tutorial on making your own natural food xmas decorations, such as these orange/clove cuties:

I’m also excited to share recipes from my first weekend of baking:

And, last but not least, I’ll be super stoked to show you our final Christmas card. For now, here’s a sneak peak from the photo shoot:

the baby-cat in reindeer antlers! ADORBZ!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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