Chili Cook Off!

This weekend my department hosted our 2nd annual chili cook-off! I didn’t make anything last year, but this year I couldn’t resist. Because this is a competition, I wanted to use an established recipe instead of inventing something myself (still working on my cooking-courage, I suppose), so I scoured my favorite bloggers for ideas. This recipe from Daily Garnish fit the bill: unique, healthy, and lots of comments from readers that tested it and confirmed it’s success! I followed the recipe exactly, but with the addition of kale. Kale makes everything better!

I’m sorry to say that we didn’t place—there were nine entries, and six of them were meat-based—but we did get lots of compliments and one of my (favorite) prof’s told me it was his family’s favorite. : )

I also made vegan “cornbread” inspired by Clean Eating Chelsea’s quinoa cornbread. I didn’t have applesauce so I used pumpkin (are you getting the clue that I may be just a wee bit into pumpkin?), and used coconut oil instead of margarine. I *loved* this bread, but at the cook-off it was competing with (non-vegan) buckwheat cornbread with homemade honey butter. So it was pretty much me and my vegan colleague doing the eating.

I highly recommend both of these recipes!

Have you made chili yet this season? Have you ever entered a food competition?
Have a great Monday!

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