Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!

Have I mentioned that I fucking love fall? And Halloween? And orange things and pumpkin things and baking in the house on grey autumn days in my favorite autumn-colored plaid dress with fall-scented candles burning away with this song playing in the background on repeat while I dance around the kitchen with Mike and the babycat and feel super happy? (and have i also mentioned that i sometimes love run-on sentences?)

That was Sunday morning, and the aforementioned baking was all about cinnamon rolls…pumpkin cinnamon rolls! I had no delusions about trying to create my own cinnamon roll recipe, so I decided to modify this version a friend sent along to me from Eat Live Run. I followed the directions exactly, except for the following modifications:

-subbed 1 c splet flour and 1 c whole wheat for the all purpose

-used unrefined cane sugar instead of regular sugar

It’s important to remember that most breads or rolls like this will require several hours, since the dough has to rise. Make sure you plan in time for this. Here’s a pic of the dough rising in a bowl below a covered towel. Pumpkin-theme, of course:

Here’s the rolls before they went in the oven!:

As they baked I decided to make an alternative frosting. As you know, I avoid processed sugar at all costs, but unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a healthy substitute for powdered sugar. So, with a little help from the twins over at Pure2Raw, I decided to make a healthy lucuma-based whipped frosting. Lucuma is a superfood, chock full of beta-carotene, niacin, and iron. (See the lucuma post at pure2raw for more great recipes!). I must admit, it wasn’t quite the perfect topping for the cinnamon rolls. It was good, in an interesting way, but not perfect.

We really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls, but thought it needed the following:

-more pumpkin (you could hardly taste the flavor)

-more gooey inside mix (i’d maybe *double* the amount for the filling, then use some for the top)

-better healthy-ish frosting

But ya know the cool thing about not have the perfect baking experiment? You get to try again! Yeah! Stay tuned for a second batch sometime soon…..

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!

  1. Melinda says:

    I have a frosting recipe that would be amazing on these. Its from “fullyrawchristina” check out her fully raw carrot cake cupcakes. The frosting on them is to die for. Basically its soaked raw cashews, oranges juiced and dates. I cant remember what else off top of my head. Simply amazing.

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