Red Mountain Part 2

Well I made it back to Minneapolis yesterday, but was busy getting back into the swing of things, so here is a belated round up of a really rejuvenating mini-vacation! The rest of the trip had a similar pattern: hiking every morning, classes in the afternoons, good eats in between it all. I continued to enjoy the carrot peanut butter (see below), and am still committed to experiment with it at home and figure out how to re-create that (or perhaps make a carrot almond butter).


I wanted to share my notes from the nutrition workshop I attended. Most of it was stuff I knew, and stuff many of you probably already know, but there were a few things worth pointing out, even if just as a reminder.

As you can see from my notes above, she gave a nice shpiel about how we don’t need milk. But she loved eggs. Apparently the AHA is recommending 6-9 eggs a week! Gross, don’t pay any attention to this. Get your protein and omega’s from other sources!

She addressed the debate surrounding agave. Sadly, it’s not the best sugar substitute since it is high in fructose. However, it’s still lower on the glycemic index, and is definitely better than processed sugar. The nutritionist urged us to purchase organic agave, and–here’s a neat tip—you want your agave to pour slowly, “not like IHOP syrup.” The slower the better!

The best sugar sub choices? Brown rice syrup, raw honey, black strap molasses. I still don’t buy honey, but I’ll eat it, so if anyone wants to bake with raw honey, invite me over. ;)

She went on a tirade against diet soda–thank goodness I kicked that habit! For those of you that don’t know, I was a Diet Coke ADDICT. I consumed at least 6 cans a day, but usually more. I actually finally bit the bullet a gave it up after reading Skinny Bitch. I lost about five pounds after ditching the stuff, which makes sense because it not only bloats you, but it causes you to crave sugar more. If you’re an addict like I used to be, I know the transition is tough, so try Zevia cola or carbonated water (I really love La Croix!). I also drink ten times more (green) tea than ever, which is full of good stuff!

She also gave us her top ten best superfood snack options:

1. gojiberries

2. kale

3. sea vegetables (kelp, seaweed, etc.)

4. raw miso paste

5. berries

6. salmon

7. nuts (from best to okay: walnuts, almonds, pecans; brazil nuts and cashews are okay; macademia nuts are not really helpful)

8. quinoa

9. amaranth

10. chia

I was glad to see that most of that list are already staples of my diet. I won’t be making any move to include salmon, but I am constantly looking for more omega-3 sources (any ideas?). Also, my new nutrition goal is to include sea vegetables in my diet. I almost NEVER eat that, so it’ll be tricky. Any good recipe ideas for kelp or seaweed?

this was supposed to be all "ahh, a cactus!" not all "mmm, a cactus ::wink::". oops.

I also ate some more good food, including this almond-crusted zuchinni with ginger pineapple sauce, served over black rice and spinach:

And coconut green tea sorbet:

accidentally dug in before the pic was taken. whoops.

I also continued to do lots of rock yoga!

you'll have to excuse that wonky foot. not sure why i didn't stabalize!

The best fitness class I took there was the TRX bootcamp. TRX is a weight training tool that uses your muscles while they’re suspended. When we were hanging in them by our feet and doing planks and crunches, I felt like I was all cirque du so gay soleil (an awesome pal of mine here has a bike race called Cirque du So Gay, and I *always* call the other cirque thing that in my head!). It was super intense, and my muscles were way sore the next day. Woot!

I also took a really lovely meditative walk in their rock labyrinth.

And one of the biggest highlights? Meeting this adorable boxer, Diggy! He belonged to one of the workers there, and I just cuddled his face off. (see the Bad Photos of Good Dogs blog for more of this face, and other amazing doggies!).

A big thanks to my Uncle Dana for making this trip possible! A week of health and wellness is such a generous gift!

2 thoughts on “Red Mountain Part 2

  1. Allison says:

    Thanks for the dogblog plug! And I finally figured out how to leave a comment!

    I had this great seaweed-lentil recipe I used to make several years ago that I got from Alternative Medicine magazine (which is now totally different). I’ll try to dig it up for you.

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