Red Mountain Part 1

Good day, readers! I’m writing to you from sunny Utah, where our high today was 90 degrees! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m at Red Mountain, a health/wellness/yoga/fitness/hiking/spa resort. My uncle came here two years ago, and after hearing about a trip where you got to exercise all day, do yoga and eat healthy food, I said sort of casually, “Man, I’d love to do something like that.” Well, he took that comment to heart, and for my last xmas/bday combo gift, he surprised me with this trip!

It’s been really incredible so far. We hike every morning, and you’ll have to believe me when I say it’s breathtaking….Why do you have to believe me? Because this is coming from the mouth of a 100% city girl. I really have no interest in being in nature; I’m glad it exists, but I like my nature surrounded by skyscrapers, not vice versa. So for me to say that this is gorgeous, you know it’s really somethin’!

me and uncle d

So after our 2-3 hour long hikes (some have been tough, others more leisurely), we return and usually have time for either a yoga or pilates class, or, like yesterday, a short run.  After that we go to the lunch buffet (food details coming in a sec), and plan our afternoon. So far, the afternoon classes I’ve taken advantage of have been: Bootyque 47 (tough pilates/ballet-inspired class); Core Conditioning; Aqua Circuit (g-damn, doing anything in water is like a billion times more intense); and a Nutrition course which was mostly stuff I knew, but had a few good gems. If I’m not doing back-to-back courses, I find a hammock or lounge chair on the property and just read (this is what I’m reading now; not exactly leisure material, but really good!).

Finally, at about 430pm, it’s time to shower! The last few days, after showering, I catch up on school work: grades, emails, etc. We head over to dinner and eat at the community table, which is a table for singles or smaller groups of people that are staying here and want to socialize. We’ve met some really pleasant people. (And some not so pleasant ones….I’m going to save my biting critique of the totally out-of-touch, bourgeois fuckers that gravitate towards these “stuff white people like” spaces. Oh. I guess I didn’t really save that, huh? Critiqu’d!).

Bed time is early. I’m usually tired by 10ish. This is a good thing. I want to make my bed time closer to 1030pm back at home, so I can be up earlier and stop rushing to everything.

So what am I eating, inquiring food blogees want to know? Well, the short answer is: good stuff! The long answer is that it is a touch surprising that there aren’t more vegan options, considering the health/wellness focus, but that’s really NOT a complaint, more like a surprised observation. Anyway, mornings, thus far, have been steel cut oats, a dash of agave, sugar free dried berries, and a dollop of….wait for it…..CARROT PEANUT BUTTER!!! Sound gross? It’s not. It’s amazing. Like, ridiculously amazing. I’m going to make this at home. Stay tuned for a recipe once I figure it out…

Lunch is a hearty salad. Mmmm, salad……

Dinner, so far, has been their one vegan option: quinoa, chickpeas, and veggies. Very yummy! They have a vegetarian special every night, but so far, they’ve all been gluten-heavy. They also have delicious sorbet and fruit on their dessert menu. My tummy has been happy. : ) No pics of dinner food, yet. I keep forgetting. Slash, feel a bit embarrassed to take pics in front of folks I don’t know at the community table. ::blush::

More soon! Hope everyone is doing well in their respective homes. Sending you love and sunshine!

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