5-Ingredient Creamy Pumpkin Chickpea Soup with Spinach

This was a dinner I compiled at at 9:30pm after getting home from a full day of teaching and TAing. I don’t love eating this late, but I also can’t bring myself to eat at 5pm (before class starts), so I try to have simple, lighter (preferably liquid) meals on these days, so as to not make my body work too hard so close to sleepy time!

I knew I wanted to make some version of pumpkin soup, but I also wanted some protein and green veggies. I took three cans out of my cabinet, grabbed my bag of baby spinach and got creative with some spices.

Oh, I’m counting my spices as a single ingredient, because, like, it made for a catchy title and this is such an easy recipe, I wanted it to look as unintimidating as possible! So here’s the list:


1. 1 1/2 can pumpkin puree

2. 1 can garbanzo beans

3. 1 can lite coconut milk

4. 2 cups chopped baby spinach

5. Spices: cinnamon, cayanne pepper, salt and pepper (all to taste; play around and see whether you like it a bit more sweet or spicy!)

Instructions (so simple!): Put all of these ingredients in a large soup pot. Heat on medium heat for about 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Taste and continue to spice to your liking. Finally: enjoy this delicious, hearty, nutritious, comforting fall soup!

Expecting an apple recipe? Forgive me! More apple recipes coming soon!

I’m submitting this recipe to Healthy Vegan Friday and Wellness Weekend!

11 thoughts on “5-Ingredient Creamy Pumpkin Chickpea Soup with Spinach

  1. Cindy. says:

    When i look up recipes and see a long list i am immediately turned away, so thank you or combining the spices. I wish more people would do that. When something has 3 main ingredients and 11 different spices, seeing all 14 ingredients listed out is overwhelming. Going from 8 to 5 means i’m more likely to make this already!

    sounds like a great recipe!

  2. Lou says:

    I love simple. I also love QUICK and simple…. nothing worse than being hungry and having to wait an AGE for your meal. This sounds just the ticket!

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