Wellness Tips for the Changing of the Seasons

It’s finally starting to feel like fall! Hooray! But the burgeoning of my favorite season is often coupled with some highly unpleasant side effects, including, but not limited to: dry skin, allergies, colds, seasonal depression, and weight gain (it’s pretty common to want to eat richer food (and more of it) when the weather turns cold).

I’m not saying I’m exempt from all of those nuisances, but I will say that I have some tried and true methods for avoiding some of them!

1. Dry Brushing-reduces dry skin, reduces cellulite (for serious!)

Unless I ever try to start doing DIY colonics (as Kris Carr recommends…eek!), this will be the biggest thing my partner teases me about in terms of my new health&wellness lifestyle habits. And I kind of don’t blame him. I look a little bit ridiculous doing it, because I’m literally brushing my skin. But don’t knock it ’til you try it. Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and literally glowing. I don’t shoot sunbeams off my epidermis or anything, but I have noticed a significant decrease in any sort of “dullness.” You’re also increasing blood flow and cell production, both of which have been linked to reduce cellulite. I’ve noticed a visible difference in cellulite since I’ve been brushing, which was icing on the cake to what already felt like a worth-while activity.


Most people recommend dry brushing right before you shower. This is difficult for me, since I shower every day after I workout (and am thus all sweaty directly before the shower; it would be gross to brush sweaty skin, and also wouldn’t be “dry”!). I tend to dry brush first thing in the morning right before I work out, then shower immediately after. Some say to start at your feet and work up (being careful near your ladyparts) always brushing towards the heart, but really any sort of motion will probably work. And a brush shouldn’t break your bank for any more than $10!

2. Netti Pot-ing-clears sinuses

Ah, something else to look foolish doing. Pouring saline-water up my nostrils? Yes please! This ayurvedic technique is known to relieve symptoms of colds, sinus infections and allergies. It’s a bit unpleasant at first, but once you learn how to navigate your pot, you’ll be breathing clearer and deeper!


3. Exercise & Yoga-prevents/fights depression; maintains healthy weight; regulates body temperature; pretty much everything good ever, this stuff will probably help provide

The title says it all. “Pretty much everything good ever, this stuff will probably help provide.” Feel blue when it gets darker sooner? Why not tap into your body’s best natural drug, endorphins! Feeling bloated from warm comfort foods? Go for a brisk fall jog! Feeling attacked by bitter cold air? Take a hot yoga class to balance your body temperature.

If you know me at all, you know I credit any ounce of sanity I’ve maintained through grad school/break ups/life changes/etc. to exercise, and more recently, yoga. Incorporating fitness and yoga into your daily routine will transform not only your body, but also your life. And fall is as good a season as any to make it happen! : )

Stay tuned for more healthy tips for weather-woes, including a DIY green tea hand treatment that I found in a magazine that I’m going to test out soon!

8 thoughts on “Wellness Tips for the Changing of the Seasons

  1. melodyisazombie says:

    what type of brush do you recommend? the baby brush-bristle kind like in your picture? my skin looks like crap in the winter.

    • rebelgrrlacademy says:

      yep, i use the baby brush bristle…but they are soft. if you find it in the bathy/cosmetics isle, it’s likely you’ll be getting the right type. all the co-op grocery stores have them, but even a place like CVS should carry them too.

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