Lemon-Tahini Brown Rice with White Beans, Kale & Peas

This past weekend Mike and I had our first experience with a  slow cooker! A friend and colleague of mine who is currently doing research in the UK let us “watch” some of her kitchen items, and when she discovered that we had never head the pleasure of using a slow cooker, urged us to use it! I’m so glad we did–who knew it was possible to cook brown rice (a nutrient power house!) at home in a way that didn’t either burn it or leave it crunchy?! We put two cups of dry brown rice in with 5 cups of water, and came home later that day to the most volumunous mass of grain I’ve ever seen in my kitchen! Fluffy, soft, beautiful brown rice! And tons of it!

The plain brown rice was stored away in our refrigerator, waiting to be experimented with. Since I had a busy day filled with back-to-school responsibilities, I wanted something quick and easy, which is why I turned to one of my favorite flavor combinations: lemon and tahini. Deciding on the rest of the ingredients was simple: what green veggies do I have? kale and peas? terrific. and how about beans? white beans, yes I think you’ll do just fine!


1 c cooked brown rice

1 can white beans, rinsed and drained

2 leaves of kale, chopped

1/3 c frozen peas

1/3 c tahini

1/2 large lemon

1 tbl olive oil (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

First, if you haven’t done so already, cook up that brown rice! This recipe will obviously take longer if you don’t have the rice pre-made. Next, if you aren’t shying away from oil, put a bit in a sautee pan. Add your chopped kale, peas, and white beans. Add salt and pepper.

While it cooks, mix up the tahini and most of the lemon juice in a bowl. If it seems dry, add some more olive oil. Add a dash of salt, and whisk it all together.

Pour a bit of the sauce on the rice and mix. Add the veggies and beans to the rice, then pour the remaining sauce on top and mix. Squeeze the remaining lemon juice on top with some more s&p, if desired.

And, yep, all of this is Clean/Detox-friendly stuff! Detox life is basically a piece of cake! (Er, except, not cake; cake is definitely not detox friendly! ;) ).

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