SuperGreen Power Quinoa with Raw Beet Salad!

Ya know those days when you feel like you wish you could eat every single green vegetable in the world in one sitting? I have those if I go through a few days of eating not-so-great food, or if my energy feels low, or if I, for some horrifying reason, have to miss out on my daily green juice! Last night it was mostly a result of low-energy. I’ve been working out really hard this week and I think doing that in this heat has left my body kind of weak. On Monday, I decided to just do a smoothie for dinner, and ended up crashing in utter exhausting at about 10pm (my normal bedtime is about 1130pm). So last night I wanted to make something really veggie-heavy, but also kind of comforting and substantial.

Thus was born: SuperGreen Power Quinoa! These are the green veggies I had and wanted to use: spinach, broccoli, peas, plus half of an avocado. Having just made a spinach dip with cashews and nutritional yeast for a get-together last week, I thought I’d use a similar foundation, just with a lot more veggies. Adding it on quinoa was an obvious pick since quinoa is so full of protein. Want a more aesthetically appealing list of those ingredients? Comin’ right up:

*two stalks broccoli, chopped and steamed (including stems, nothing wrong with stems!)

*frozen peas, steamed (as many as you want)

*spinach (frozen or fresh, but steam it first)

*1/2 avocado

*1/3 cup cashews (soaked for at least an hour)

*1-2 tblsp nutritional yeast

*cooked quinoa (either cooked in veggie stock or water)

*olive oil (optional)

*1 clove chopped garlic

*salt and pepper (to taste)

*red pepper flakes (to taste)


First put the steamed broccoli in a food processor. Process! Then add in the avocado, cashews (drained), nutritional yeast, spices, garlic and optional olive oil. Process s’more! Next, add in the steamed spinach and peas. You guessed it: Process! Here’s what this looks like:

Next, add this delicious green gunk to your quinoa:

Mix it all together! The green color is just LOVELY, but I thought it was a little too plain-jane for me, so I decided to spruce it up with a quick beet/carrot/apple salad, inspired from Angela’s beet salad recipe. I modified the recipe by leaving most of the ingredients out. I just food processed the carrots, apples, and beets, added a bit of salt, olive oil and red pepper and called it a (fresh, crunch, crispy) day!

Now you can serve it up! I had mine in a bowl, one on top of the other, and my partner had his on a plate with a helping of tempeh (I avoid soy, but this protein-y addition looked amazing):

my yummy dinner!partner's yummy dinner!

It did the trick in terms of satisfying my green-craving, but I think I might add chick peas next time to make it even heartier. And remember my WIAW post from yesterday that mentioned the football-shaped brown rice treat? It wasn’t as football-y as I hoped, but it tasted great (thanks to this healthy, sugar-free recipe from Alicia Silverstone/the kind life), AND the finale of FNL was totally amazing! I am going to miss that show! (ps: notice that I wore cowboy boots….Texas, forever!).

clear eyes. full heart. can't lose.

pps: special thanks to Heather for getting me into FNL, and to H, Kaitlyn and Matt for providing me with some CSA veggies that were incorporated into this delicious dish. ; )

3 thoughts on “SuperGreen Power Quinoa with Raw Beet Salad!

    • rebelgrrlacademy says:

      love that you love FNL!!!!! : )

      the quinoa tastes creamy–like veggie cheese spread; the beet salad on top gives it a crunchy, almost acidic counter-taste, which is a nice mix with the soft creaminess below. let me know if you like it! i think you can play around with both recipes though to make it to your liking. : )

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