What I Ate/What I Worked Wednesday

Hello readers! Welcome to my second week of WIAW! Yesterday’s eats were so-so. Mostly good with a bit of a blunder in the afternoon. Let me explain…..

Morning was good. I ran Monday, so yesterday I focused on strength training and cardio through circuits rather than distance. I’ll explain more of my workout below. After that, I had my usual (amazing) green juice, and even added a bit of cucumber, which I’m encouraged to do by lots of juicing-folk, but that I often resisted because I thought the flavor was too overwhelming. I’m happy to say the cucumber was a lovely addition this morning! (and you get tons more liquid when you juice with a cuc).

Juice, after a tough workout, doesn’t really satisfy me very long. I definitely need protein pretty quickly, so about 45 minutes after finishing the juice, I made my first original “breakfast bake.” I learned about the breakfast bake from Ashley at the edible perspective, who has tons of amazing breakfast bake recipes! I knew I wanted to make one that was: sugar free, fast, and full of protein. This is what I came up with:

*1/2 banana

*1/3 c oats

*tsp flax seed

*cinnamon (as much as you want)

*1/2 tsp maple extract (this stuff is amazing and tastes like maple syrup, but w/o the calories!)

*some raisins

Mash banana, then add in the rest of the ingredients. Put in the smallest pan you have and bake at about 425 until it’s done to your liking (sorry for the imprecision on this one, guys). Now the fun part (and where the protein comes in): Top with whatever you want! I added heaping tablespoon of almond butter and unsweetened coconut flakes. Truth be told, this small serving didn’t fill me up, so I took the other half of that banana and made a second serving. Next time I’ll just make it a bit bigger!

So, this is when things get tricky. Because I work out in the AM, breakfast is late…Often it’s eaten during a normal “lunch time.” And if I end up going out after my first morning meal, it’s really hard to eat an appropriate “lunch.” Yesterday I had a study date at a coffee shop with a friend. I packed a nectarine in my bag, crossing my fingers that I could get away with snacking on fruit in the coffee shop inconspicuously. Coffee shop snackage is truly the pits. Sugary granola bars, horrible bakery, and bags of chips—yuck. So I never get anything, even if I’m hungry. By 445pm, when I left the coffee shop, I was super hungry. I came home and ate two unsalted brown rice cakes, one with (more!) almond butter. Not exactly great variety, and not a particularly veggie-happy day up to this point. Also, at that point, I was ready for another short workout w/ a yoga cool down.

Fortunately, by dinner I was able to get back on track. I made a version of Angela’s Glow Kale Salad, with some modifications. I made the dressing without oil (doesn’t need it!) and without garlic (I have a very unfortunate raw garlic-intolerance), and I didn’t use any goji berries or walnuts. I added chia seeds, however (love chia seeds!). Truly one of the best salads I’ve ever had! Yum yum.

I didn’t have an official dessert, but I snacked on what was left over of the sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan brown rice treats after I molded them into the shape of a football, which I made for my partner and I to share when we watch the series finale of “Friday Night Lights” tonight! (Any FNL fans out there? We’re obviously a little behind in the series, and have been saving this last episode because we don’t want it to end!)

My workouts today were pretty great. I started with a Bodyrocktv workout. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Bodyrock, and you like at-home fitness, I really hope you’ll go to the site soon! I started with the “Fierce Friday Workout” (yes, I realize it wasn’t Friday). Not the most intense BRTV workout, but still really good. I took a picture of the screen so you could see a sample of part of the workout routine:

all of the BRTV workouts have how-to pictures, and most have videos.

I followed that up with a Barre 3 workout that is available through Exercise TV on Comcast. It’s a mix of yoga, pilates and strength training. I really liked it!

I cooled down with some time on the stationary bike, this time reading a book called Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly, which I was inspired to pick up from Bonzai Aphrodite’s blog book club!

My afternoon cooldown workout consisted of ten minutes of cardio with a 30 min yoga video. I love ending the day with yoga! <3

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